George Will: That Old Heart Breaker

George Will: That Old Heart Breaker

I want to be nice in this article. I do not really like the constant yelling back and forth between conservatives and liberals as if you are going to change anyone's mind. I read where conservative icon George Will has left the Republican Party due to Donald Trump. I imagine there were a few people that were sad about this,…continue reading →

Difference Between A Leader And A Representative

OK this has been on my mind lately as I watch our house representatives flail around pretending like they are accomplishing something.You often see the same thing in business.What is the difference between a leader and a representative?A short definition....A representative is chosen or appointed to speak for others.A leader is a person who leads a group. They are often…continue reading →

Congrats Cavs

No controversies Sunday.Congrats to King James and The Cleveland Cavs on a great game 7 and winning the first championship in any sport for Cleveland since 1964.Being from Denver I cheered Elway and The Drive in 1987 and The Fumble the next year by Earnest Byner.There was no controversy in Game 7. Good officiating and really tough defense.Everyone keeps asking what…continue reading →

Defining Political Election Insanity

According to Albert Einstein insanity is defined as doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.With an I.Q. in the 160-190 range Einstein was one of the smartest people to ever live.Political insanity in an election year is voting for the same politicians over and over and hoping for different results.It makes no difference to me whether…continue reading →