5 Newbie Affiliate Marketing Tips That Work

I was an affiliate marketing newbie back in the fall of 2002 when I started with Internet marketing. Of course a lot has changed since then. However, one advantage you have today if you are new to affiliate marketing is learning proven tips that work based on facts and personal experiences.

I won’t write a long drawn out article here. Let me just give you five newbie affiliate marketing tips that work!

1. Use the product first. If you’re going to sell a product buy it and learn everything about it. Become a user of your product and you will find it easier to sell.

If you’re doing other types of affiliate marketing this still works as well. For example, if you are using the cost per action affiliate model fill out the lead form and understand what happens after your prospects fill it out.

If you’re going to use the pay per click affiliate model never click on your own ads if you join Google AdSense. However, learn everything you can about Google AdSense so you can be successful promoting it.

2. Do not promote your affiliate link directly. This is a replicated affiliate site and every other affiliate is using the exact same pages as you. A better approach is to start your own blog and promote it and then add your affiliate links and banners to your blog.

3. Build an email list. Get traffic to your blog and invite them join your email list so you can follow up in the future.

To do this you will an autoresponder and a valuable free giveaway. There are many PLR products you can find online for free that will work for your giveaway. Join Aweber for your autoresponder.

4. Do not sell at first. This is kind of like the saying “can we date first”? If you spend all your time selling your new prospects you are not going to sell as much. Use your blog content and email list to build credibility and then sell.

5. Create videos of your affiliate products or programs. This is a proven strategy that does work.

Use a program such as Animoto to create videos and publish them on YouTube. Make the videos pre-sell or information in nature. Then add them to your blog and let them help you make sales.

I can tell you from previous experience that most affiliates will never purchase the product they are selling. If you do this you have a big advantage when blogging about your product because you are speaking from a position of experience.

You can even create review articles and videos. However, rather than just rehashing information from the product sales page, or somebody else’s review blog article, you can actually talk about what your product or program did for you personally.

This is more believable, especially when you include both the pros and cons of a product. You can also create review articles and add them to your email messages. Then redirect your subscribers from the email message back to your blog where you give a more detailed review of the product.

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  1. Jeff Schuman Sr.

    You're welcome Andrew. I still like Adsense best, but there are many great ways to make money in affiliate marketing.

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