Are You Too Busy To Do Internet Marketing? Not Anymore!

Busy people do not use lack of time as an excuse for not getting things done! Actually they do not use time as an excuse for not doing anything because busy people are usually successful doing multiple things at one time in their lives

Flash forward to marketing online!

I think one of the reasons most people fail with Internet marketing is they feel they are too busy to consistently do it. When I hear this excuse I have to wonder how serious they are about using the Internet to make money.

Internet marketing is one thing you can do part time and if you outsource your work you can do it really part time.



Become a business manager and pay people to do things for you. You can, and should outsource as much of your business as possible.

This is called working on your business, not working in your business.

Years ago I heard someone say “do what you like best and outsource the rest”.

This was and is great advice and you will find the really successful Internet marketers handle their day to day activities this way.

What are things to outsource?

1. Hire a blog writer. A freelance blog writer such as myself can save you all kinds of time every week, every month, and every year.

I write and publish for you. Buy a high quality SEO 1000 word article every week for $30 and in a year you will have a great blog filled with useful information that is relevant to your niche!

2. Backlinks. I would suggest using Drip Feed Links to get you quality backlinks.

They take the work out of getting backlinks which helps you rank on Google. They get you backlinks from blog comments, rapid indexer links, image comments, guestbook links and trackbacks.

They do it in a natural way and claim they have never had a customer’s site end up in the Google Sandbox. For as low as $25 a month this is one great way to outsource a very time consuming part of your business.

3. Fiverr. This is a great little site for getting anything done in your business and I mean anything.

For example for $5 you can get your blog set up. For $5 you can get a header designed for you blog.

Other things to get done for your business include a video testimonial, proofreading, whiteboard animation digital, 3 hours or virtual assistant, and much more.

4. Up Work. This used to be know as oDesk. UpWork is the place to go to hire a freelance worker.

You write a concise description of what you want done and what your budget is. Within minutes workers will bid on your job and you hire the one you want.

This is the #1 freelance worker site online and a great way to outsource more complicated things then you might get done on Fiverr.

5. Buy websites. This is also called flipping, but Jeff Hunt offers great training on buying websites, fixing them up, and holding on to them for profit every month.

Building a portfolio of websites could be your long term strategy for Internet marketing success. Website investing is a great strategy for avoiding blogging, marketing, etc.

Learn more here:

OK I have just laid out how you can outsource virtually your whole online business. Blog set up, content creation from me as your blog writer, backlinks for ranking, and so on.

You can even fast track your success through website investing. The key is outsourcing your business and spending your time running it not having it run you.

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