Blogging From Paradise Is A Great Blog To Follow

I came across Ryan Biddulph’s Blogging From Paradise blog in a post at the Warrior Forum. The title caught my eye so I went to take a quick look.

Here is what I found….

What  great blog!

The whole concept of blogging from paradise I think is something many of us dream about, but very few actually do. He certainly is living the dream!

The Blogging Theme?

His blog is using a customized Paradise theme which I assume he had designed for him. It is responsive WordPress theme.

How do I know that?

Right click on the page and then click on view source. You will see the theme in the code.

Do a mobile friendly search here to see if the site is mobile friendly according to Google. It is!

How Is Ryan Biddulph Making Money?

One of the first things I do when I get to blog is look to see how they are monetizing it. I just like to find out what the blogger is doing to make money.

Granted, not all bloggers do this to make money, but many do. In Ryan’s case I found out he has written over 100 e-books that he is selling on Amazon.

This must be working or else how could he afford to island hop and make a living as a blog writer? I have not bought any of his ebooks yet, but several caught my attention.

He has great titles including How My Near Death Experience in Fiji Teaches You 5 Critical Blogging Lessons.

He also offers a coaching service for $500. He reviews your blog and offers a report listing things you can do to improve it.

Ryan offers an audio training course for $100 : 11 Fundamentals of Successful Blogging It

There are many positive comments on this blog post and the course.

He has several satisfied customers. These are bloggers who have used his coaching service and were happy with the results.

One other thing he offers is an email newsletter. I subscribed to it and look forward to reading what he has to say,

Check Out Blogging From Paradise 

This is such a cool blog I am glad to refer you to it. It is laid out so you can easily find everything you are looking for.

Ryan has led the blogging from paradise lifestyle for over 3 years now. That should give you something to aspire to!

Visit Blogging From Paradise here:

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