Blogging Insanity

I have always liked the definition of insanity because you could apply it many different ways.

For example….

What is blogging insanity?

That would be blogging the same way over and over and expecting different results.

Let me give you handful of real life examples of what I Do Not see people do over and over.

– You want to rank on Google, but you do not target keyword phrases.

– You do not actively pursue quality backlinks.

You blog inconsistently. 2 posts one week, no posts next week, 1 post the following week, and no posts for 1 month after that.

– You do not use social media marketing.

– You have no real traffic.

– You have traffic, but do not analyze it.

– You do not know Google’s 200 ranking factors¬†according to Brian Dean of Backlinko.

OK I will cut you some slack on that. I’ve read the list, but do not even come close to trying to rank in 200 ways.

You get the idea. I have a pretty good idea myself that you do suffer from blogging and sanity for some of the reasons I just listed.

Now what?

The answer obviously is to build a keyword list.

Learn how to get quality backlinks and get some.

Blog with a focused consistency.

Join two or three social media sites such as Google Plus, Facebook, and Twitter.

Install Google analytics so you can analyze your traffic, and then get to work building quality traffic.

Outsourcing Is A Good Thing!

If this all seems like too much work then outsource it.

However, the bottom line is this; if you want to make money on the Internet with a blog you cannot continue to do the same things over and over that are not making you money right now!

I think this will make sense to most of you reading this article. However, whether you are willing to change and do things differently or not completely up to you.

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