Ted Cruz had a really bad day yesterday in relation to the branding of his presidential campaign.

This has actually been ongoing since the Iowa caucuses.

I have been following the races to the Republican and Democratic nomination very carefully because it is something that interests me.

I’m on Fox News and CNN every day, and also have their apps installed on my iPhone.

About a year ago my youngest son sent me the link to take a quiz to see who most closely my political views aligned with. I was surprised to find out that I would be most likely to support Ted Cruz.

I really didn’t know much about him other than what I’d seen on TV when he filibustered on the Senate floor. He seemed like a renegade in the Senate which is actually not my personality at all, but I guess we do have similar views on many things.

However, any chance that I would vote for him is pretty much gone over the last two or three weeks. I didn’t like his tactics in Iowa and he’s beginning to strike me as somebody who would try to win at any cost.

I also didn’t like his communications director Rick Tyler. Not sure exactly what it was, but he just didn’t come across right on television to me.

Yesterday he was fired for doctoring up some video relating to Marco Rubio and posting it online. He quickly pulled it down and offered an apology to Marco Rubio, but I guess it was the last straw’ as far as Cruz was concerned.

From a branding standpoint Cruz’s logo is TrusTed. It implies you can Trust Ted.

Or can you…..

The Daily Beast had an article yesterday “Ted Cruz: I’m Not Shady, but the People I Hire Are

The main problem for Ted Cruz at this point is he has a reputation of being shady because running a campaign is like running a business or even being a head football coach. You ultimately are responsible for everything that happens.

In his case it’s kind of hard to shake the notion that his campaign workers can pretty much do anything they want because Ted is running a win at all cost campaign. When you have Marco Rubio and Donald Trump accusing you of being a liar every day eventually that starts to sink in to people.

Then when you begin to analyze some of the things that have been done in his campaign iy sort of leaves a bad taste in your mouth.

From a branding standpoint he couldn’t have picked the worst campaign slogan for how things are turning out for him. If you can’t trust the person running for president you’re not going to vote for them.

Look at Hillary!

This may hold true for Donald Trump as well. If he does secure the Republican nomination there are many Republicans who are going to have a very hard time voting for him even if the alternative is Hillary Clinton.

Makes you wonder if some people will just stay home and not vote at all. However, we are long way from getting to that point.

In the next couple of weeks Cruz is likely to drop out because he has lost his momentum and is not trusted at this point. Kasich and Carson will drop out as well because they have not gained any traction in the polls.

This leaves Trump versus Rubio and I think a part of who will win the nomination will lie in how Rubio does in Florida if it is not too late by then. Of course Rubio could do something to damage his brand as could Trump, although that is less likely given what Trump has said so far and gotten away with.

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