Can You Really Earn Money Taking Surveys?

One way to earn money online is join get paid to programs which include taking paid surveys.

Can you really earn money online taking surveys?

Here is a graphic showing my lifetime earnings with Cash Crate.


I post this because I want to show that yes earning money taking surveys legit. Most of my money was made referring members to Cashcrate.

When my TeamSchuman site ranked on page one of Google for over 5100 keyword phrases I was getting over 1 million visitors a year in the make money online niche.

People came to TeamSchuman looking for ways to earn money from home. I set up a sub domain for paid surveys and targeted keyword phrases like make money taking surveys, free money taking surveys, jobs taking surveys, cash surveys, and so on.

I even earned money taking surveys online doing reviews for different survey sites. By far the program I did best with was Cashcrate, so I just focused on it and was getting direct deposits every week from them for $200-$250.

I wasn’t taking any surveys at this point. All I did was send traffic to my Cashcrate affiliate link and people would join off it and start taking surveys.

I knew there was a market for survey programs because many people did not want to start an online business. They just wanted to log online, take surveys, and get paid for them, so I provided proof I was making money and it worked.

One other thing….

Cashcrate has a payment wall where people show copies of their checks for Cashcrate. Most of these are in the $20-$100 range.

You have to earn $20 before Cashcrate will pay you. This gives people and incentive to work and take at least enough surveys to earn $20 so they will get paid that month.

Today there are many great online survey sites like Swagbucks, Inbox Dollars, YouGov, Tolunaand many more. I still like to promote Cashcrate in a more passive way and I still get small checks every month from them

So, yes you can you really earn money online taking surveys and I suggest joining Cash Crate for free and taking your first survey in the next 5 minutes to see how easy it is!


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