Last night Ted Cruz probably killed his political future.

At least in the Republican Party.


By giving a speech at the Republican Convention, and not endorsing Donald Trump, he made a lot of people very mad.

This includes his own supporters who say they will not vote for him for re-election to the senate in 2018.

That is a long way away, but it remains to be seen. I do know for sure that Chris Christie shot himself in the foot giving President Obama a hug on national t.v. after Hurricane Sandy.

Christie thought he could explain it away by showing what he was doing to help New Jersey at that time. Voters have long memories and have not forgiven him for what they saw as a slam in the face of Mitt Romney.

Having said all of that here is my question.

Did Donald Trump cross the line in some of the personal attacks he made on his competitors during the primaries?

Otherwise why are grown up politicians not honoring their pledge to support him. He won the nomination and the Republicans need to be united to beat Hillary in November.

I have always heard politics is a rough business, but did Trump play to rough with these cry babies?

Who has not endorsed him after they said they would?

– John Kasich
– Ted Cruz
– LIndsey Graham
– Carly Fiorina
– Jeb Bush

There may be others, but these are the ones that come to mind right now.

Granted, Trump said some pretty tough things about these guys (and Carly) and their families, but was it really that rough in the screwed up world of politics?

Ted Cruz is not well liked in the senate, but some people on the list above are well liked.

In politics there is not much honor. This is a real life example going on right now. If Hillary beats Trump these people will have to look in the mirror and wonder if they could have helped their party more!

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