OK this has been on my mind lately as I watch our house representatives flail around pretending like they are accomplishing something.

You often see the same thing in business.

What is the difference between a leader and a representative?

A short definition….

A representative is chosen or appointed to speak for others.

A leader is a person who leads a group. They are often chosen by the representatives or members.


Paul Ryan is the leader of the house.

He leads the 435 house members.

The Republicans are in majority and the members voted him leader to replace John Boehner.

We voted for our congressmen and senators. They are representatives for us. 

They are not leaders even though they act like they know better then us so they do not have to represent us. They think they should lead us.

See the difference?


In network marketing, or MLM, we join as independent representatives. Some advance their business to the point that they want to lead their own group. This is often a successful upline.

We choose whether to follow them or remain 100% independent in our thinking and business practices. It is our choice!


Congress is seeing this year that the people are understanding the difference between a leader and a representative. It will become more apparent next November at the voting booth.

Even John McCain seems to have finally figured this out. At 79 years old, and being a senator for 29 years, that is saying something! He must really be worried he will not get re-elected this time.

Don’t get me started on term limits. That is an article for another time although the people can term limit anyone at anytime by casting their vote for a new candidate. Hopefully we will see a lot of that next fall.

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