After doing mostly blog writing for money as a freelance writer the past few years I have not been active that much in affiliate marketing or network marketing.

I have decided to change my approach thanks to TiDom and MLM Recruit On Demand.

direct sales opportunities

TiDom is a big ticket ‘Top Tier Business’ and MLM ROD is a lead generation system that has a cool way to get free MLM leads for life.


In her Huffington Post blog article “It’s Time to Take Second Look at the Direct Selling Industry” Bobbie Wasserman wrote about the ‘gig economy‘, a phrase I had not heard of, but completely understand.

Ways To Make Money

Never before has there been so many opportunities to make money providing a service or performing an action. You could think of them as performing a one time gig or even creating recurring income.

Doing things like…..

– make money driving for Uber of Lyft.
– rent out a room in your house using Airbnb.
– sell something on Craigslist or eBay.
– write articles on Hire Writers, or Crowd Content.
– do just about anything for $5 at Fiverr
– be a copywriter for businesses

……and so many more it is amazing!

How About Joining An MLM Company?

MLM, or network marketing, is part of the direct selling industry. In a blog post ‘Direct Selling A $250 Billion Industry‘ Business For Home is explaining why they think direct selling is a larger industry then even the confirmed revenue figures show.

$250 Billion is ‘Huge’ as Donald Trump would say.

MLM companies, small business owners, and sales reps are making a lot of money in direct sales.

There are over 10,000 direct sales companies.

Many of them have annual revenues of under $100 Million Dollars and get very little exposure like the big boys do.

According to Business For Home there are 24 companies with annual revenues of $1 Billion or more. Amway again leads the way at $9.5 Billion in 2015.

They have 145 companies with annual revenues of $100 Million or more. I remember writing an article a couple of years ago where that number was around 75.

Why the increase?

People are shopping more online and you can now do direct sales without leaving your home. This make it possible for anyone regardless of their current situation to make money selling things online.

It Is Easy To Get Started

There is no easier way to get started then joining a direct sales company!

You can do this in two primary business models.

1. Affiliate marketing.
2. Network marketing.

In affiliate marketing you make most of your money doing your own sales. There are some 2-tier programs where you can recruit new affiliates and make money on their sales as well.

Amazon has annual revenue of over $107 Billion, They have an affiliate program as well as a Fulfillment By Amazo or FBA, People make money with Amazon in one way or another everyday and their revenue is not even reflected in the $250 Billion number.

In network marketing you make money on your own sales and by building your own sales network. You can earn money when products are sold several levels deep in your downline.

My Choice: Top Tier Big Ticket Opportunities

There is another category emerging that I am involved in. I call it ‘Top Tier Business Opportunities’ selling big ticket products. TiDom is the best company in this category in my view.

tidom top tier business

You earn thousands on personal sales.

You also earn money in pass up sales and on your downline when you are at a higher purchasing level then they are.

TiDom sells digital products as does Empower Network, MOBE, and others.

The company makes money on membership fees or annual admin fees. For TiDom that is between $197 and $497 a year.

Empower Network used to make money holding events such as rallies as well. They also have a blogging platform they charge $25 a month for. This is known as a continuity business model, or recurring income for EN.

100% Commissions

Because in this business model 100% of the commissions are passed up you cannot get an accurate annual revenue figure on TiDom and others. There is a trend for people who want to focus on selling to get into one of these companies…..

And why not?

Would you rather earn $2k on one sale or $20 on an ebook sale or a bottle of vitamins?

Direct Sales is going to continue to grow in 2016 and beyond!

There will be new opportunities in big ticket sales and even new ways to make money that have not even been thought of.

This is a very exciting time to make money online in direct sales!

Join me in TiDom to make money in big ticket sales and MLM Recruit On Demand to generate new business prospects and income at the same time.

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