Do Home Business Blogs Make Money?

Some home business blogs make money and some do not. Obviously this is a simple answer to a much more complex question.

I do think this is a valid question to understand the answer to.

As blogs are being used more and more as websites people who are in the home business niche need to understand the difference between blogs that make money and those that don’t.

This is the question we will attempt to answer.

What Is A Home Business Blog?

In this article a home business blog will be defined as one that promotes a home business opportunity. This is the most common type of blog that I write for.

Many people know they want to make money on the Internet, but they do not know how to get started. What they end up doing is joining a home business opportunity.

This just means that the product they are promoting is primarily the business opportunity itself. Of course depending on the type of business opportunity you may have other products to promote.

For example, anybody who joins a direct sales company will make money selling the product for that specific company. However, in many cases they will make more money by promoting the business opportunity itself.

What Are Examples Of Home Business Opportunities?

I like to think of this as a business model. In the home business niche one of the most popular business models is network marketing.

Network marketing companies all totaled do over $100 billion a year in business. The largest of these is Amway which is been around as a company for almost 60 years. Amway does over $10 billion a year in business.

There are literally hundreds, if not thousands, of network marketing opportunities available to you right now. Let me give you some examples of other home business opportunities that you could promote with a home business blog.

Again think in terms of business models. Some of these would include affiliate marketing, email marketing, big-ticket products, information blogs, and much more.

How Do You Make Money With A Network Marketing Blog?

Your primary focus when you have a blog promoting a network marketing opportunity is to attract new prospects to your business. This is best done by using what I call a sales funnel.

Your focus on your blog is to build an marketing list of names and addresses you can follow up via email. In essence your real goal is to drive traffic to your blog, and then build an email list of people you can follow up and establish relationships over time.

You’re not really selling your products on your network marketing blog, although you can. However, the network marketing company you are in business with will provide you your own retail website to sell products from, so that’s not the real focus of your blog.

With your blog you’re not really selling as much as you are relationship building, and establishing credibility. You make money when you sponsor new members into your business opportunity when products are sold.

Nobody makes any money in network marketing simply by sponsoring, but that is your long term goal after you get some retail customers buying from you.

Monetize Your Blog

Besides focusing on new prospects another way to make money with your blog is to add Google Adsense ads to it.

This is a passive way to make some profit off your blog.

Your blog visitors click on ads Google provides you and you earn a commission from the click.

They key is to place the ads where they can be found, but will not distract from your #1 goal which is to find new prospects for your business opportunity.

Regardless you need blog visitors and to establish credibility with as many of them as possible.

How Do You Establish Credibility With A Blog?

I could summarize this is with one word, CONTENT! Actually, this should be HIGH QUALITY CONTENT!

Once you wrap your mind around the concept that your blog is designed to establish credibility with a prospect it’s easier to start thinking about blogging in terms of high quality content.

Consider this through the eyes of a network marketing prospect.

People come to your blog looking for useful information that answers questions or solve problems they may have. In the network marketing business opportunity niche people are looking for a way to make more money.

The best prospect is somebody who wants to start their own business because they know starting a business takes money. You use your blog to provide information on various topics relating to starting a home business of their own.

As you look around my blog that’s exactly what I’m doing. My target market is home business and network marketing bloggers who need articles, but do not want to write themselves.

I write the kind of high quality content that you want on your blog. Again what makes it high quality content is the type of information I provide.

My goal with my blog is to attract prospective writing customers. I focus strictly on the home business and network marketing niche and am looking to write these kinds of articles for your blog.

Marketing Your Blog

As you begin to develop your blog with high-quality content the difference between making money and not making money comes down to marketing your blog.

Marketing your blog is not that hard once you get a few specific strategies in place. What is hard in terms of marketing a blog is getting that blog noticed.

This is not going to get easier because the World Wide Web continues to grow every day.

As a blogger writer I face the same challenges that my home business and network marketing blog customers face. I’m in a niche where there are thousands, maybe even millions, of freelance writers all competing on the World Wide Web.

So how do you market your blog? Your primary focus is going to be on social media marketing. To understand this you need to look at the big picture.

People hang out on social networks all day long. Social networking is the number one strategy for social media marketing. You need to have accounts with these social sites.

– Facebook
– Twitter
– Google plus
– You Tube

Almost everybody in these social sites are a prospect for your business opportunity. They may not be ready at this point, but that doesn’t mean that someday they may not be interested in a home business opportunity of their own.

What you want to do is build a high quality blog and then promote your posts on your social sites. A certain number of people will come and visit your blog. This number will increase as you consistently add new blog content and tell people about it on your social sites.

The best way to market your blog is to add content and then promote it in various social ways. As you begin to make money the content portion of that can be outsourced to a freelance writer such as myself. This allows you to focus 100% of your time on promoting your blog, and following up with new prospects!

Would you like to talk about how I can write affordable articles for you blog?

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