Do Home Business Blogs Make Money?

When you join a home business opportunity you are probably going to be told to start a blog. This is a good idea from my point of view because I write blog articles for home business blogs everyday.

When you start a blog it is good for my business! 🙂

I’ll bet how much money I make with my home business blog is not a big deal though.

Let’s Talk About You

Why start a blog if you are not going to make money from it? Every home business blog can make money, but most do not.


The whole focus of their blog is getting new leads for their business opportunity. You are trying to get someone to join your mailing list so you can keep in touch with them in the future, right?

If there are 1 million home business blogs trying to get email subscribers, or promoting an opportunity, how will you compete?

What if there are 100 million home business blogs? How about 1 billion home business blogs all trying to get someone to join their business opportunity?

Here is an idea.

Monetize Your Blog With Google Adsense Ads

Understand this, everyone who comes to your blog is going to leave. If they do not join your email list, or join your business opportunity, you will probably never see them again.

So, while building an email list is important you are not making money right now.

Most of the people who come to your blog are not going to join your list. They are not going to join your opportunity unless you already have a relationship with them from one of your social sites.

Why not accept this and let those who want to click on a Google Ad they see on your blog? At least you are making some money.

I would submit that a profitable blog is a long term blog. Plus, when you make money this way it does not take anytime on your part.

How Should You Spend Your Time?

You can focus 100% of your time on content creation and blog marketing. If you can afford it hire me to write your blog articles and you just focus on doing social media marketing to get more traffic to visit your blog.

Some of these visitors will click on the Google Ads. Some will join your email list. Some will eventually join your business opportunity.

This is certainly something to consider and one way to make sure your home business blog makes money!

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