Do I Need My Own Website Or Blog To Do Affiliate Marketing?

When I decided to try and make money online all the way back in the summer of 2002 I could barely send an email.

Building a website was a pipe dream for me and blogs were not even a big deal yet.

I started doing research with a Google search for the keyword phrase “make money online”. One of the first websites I came across was Ken Evoy’s Site Sell:

He offered a free course on how to do affiliate marketing and used it as a way to promote his own Site Build It website building program. The whole thing was very exciting at the time and opened up a huge world of new opportunities.

It also created a question in my mind as to whether a person really needed a website. SBI was rather clunky and in my mind tough to deal with, so of course I began to look for other opportunities.

One of the main points that many successful affiliate marketers made was the importance of building your own website and not relying on the replicated website provided by the affiliate merchant. Even back then I understood the importance of influencing a prospective customer through the power of pre-selling because I came from a background in sales and marketing.

Build A List

There is no doubt in my mind that the best way to presell somebody on something was to get their name and email address and follow-up with them via email. This is known as list building today.

Ezines were popular back then, but I really like the idea of just creating a preprogrammed series of messages on a specific product or niche. Then spend time trying to establish a little bit of credibility with your subscriber. Time is on your side as long as they remain on your list.

Do You Really Need A Website?

When you consider whether you really need your own website or blog to do affiliate marketing I would say those things definitely make it easier.

Especially a blog because it gives you one form of social media marketing that you can tie in with other things such as YouTube videos, Facebook and twitter, interest in instant grant, and so on.

However I can tell you with 100% certainty that there are many people who focus 100% on building an email list in a specific niche. They don’t have their own website or blog, but they do sell products in that niche as an affiliate marketer.

They use 3 things to make this work.

1. An autoresponder.
2. An affiliate niche product.
3. A landing page with a contact form and free giveaway.

One advantage to this is you can promote a landing page and make your focus entirely on getting as many people’s contact information as possible. You can dream as big as you want because your email list is an asset you will always own.

Imagine having a list of 10,000 subscribers you can send out emails to anytime you want. Imagine having an autoresponder with a prebuilt series of messages specifically designed to provide free information on a specific problem somebody’s having.

You can actually preprogram your autoresponder several years in advance if you choose. If all you did was promote your landing page you will get a certain percentage of people to subscribe, and your list could be a very viral asset to you in the future.

Buy A Niche Domain Name

One simple thing that I would suggest is that you buy a niche domain name and redirect it to your landing page.

This makes it look like you actually have a website and is much more professional than using the replicated URL the affiliate merchant gives you for a landing page related to that specific product.

I use Godaddy to buy domain names. They have been very reliable and you can call them and talk to a real person if you need to.

Marketing Is Key

The whole key to this working is your ability to promote your landing page in multiple ways.

That’s actually very easy to do using social media marketing and other free methods.

If you afford it you might want to try some form of pay per click advertising with Google Adwords, Bing Ads/ Yahoo Marketing, Facebook Ads,and so on. However, initially just work at getting your URL out in as many ways as possible without spending any money. You do that by just investing some of your time.

I just did a Google search for “how to promote my landing page and found a great article on Lead Pages that goes into depth on this topic.

Set Up Your Autoresponder

Get your autoresponder set up with preprogrammed messages relating to the niche you’re in. Your affiliate merchant may already have some for you to start using immediately.

Do it!

You can add new messages as you have time in the future. You can also customize the merchant messages in your way in the future as well.

I use Aweber as my autoresponder. I have used them for over 10 years without a problem.

Try AWeber free for 30 days!

Bright Future

Finally you focus 100% of your effort on promoting your landing page and that’s all you need to do initially.

You are building a long term asset that can make you a lot of money for many years and you do it in a hands off way.

You work when you want. You take time off when you want as well.

I actually really like this idea for many people, as opposed to building a website or blog, because it allows you to focus 100% of your attention on marketing. You won’t get bogged down in any other way because your goal is strictly to build your email list and sell affiliate products to it.

Your email messages allow you to presell your products so you don’t really need a blog or website to do that. Your email messages allow you to build some credibility specifically because you are not badgering somebody, but your providing useful free information that solve your prospects problem.

Of course you want just provide enough information that would lead them to need to buy your product or buy more information. This is actually a strategy that successful Clickbank marketers use.

All they sell is digital information with their Clickbank affiliate hop link leading to a product they earn a commission on. You can earn as high as 50 to 75% commission on a product that the Clickbank merchant has already created.

All you need to do is focus on building your list and then providing a link back to that specific product.

So now you have come full circle and you have selected the niche, found a product, set up your autoresponder, and now are spending 100% of your time marketing it.

In my opinion this is the best way to do affiliate marketing without your own website or blog.

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