Do Liberal Entertainers Care About Conservatives

I am always amazed at how many entertainers are willing to jump in and trash a conservative candidate.

Of course right now that means putting Donald Trump down.

He is dangerous.
He’s an idiot.
He is a racist.
I will leave the country if Trump wins.

I guess they think people care about what they think!


Do they even consider the BIG picture because they let their over sized egos get in the way?

Who is supporting Trump?

According to an article earlier this year “Conservatives Hang On to Ideology Lead by a Thread

We see…..

– Conservatives in U.S. are the largest ideological group, at 37%
– Moderates close behind at 35%
– Liberals remain at high of 24%, first reached in 2014

There are 3 types of registered voters.

1. Conservative. A conservative leans right. Many are registered Republicans.They do not like change and hold on to traditional values.

2. Liberal. A liberal leans left. They are registered Democrats. Open to change. Willing to discard traditional values.

3. Independent. An Independent votes more on issues and less on candidates for a specific party.

The Independents are the key voting demographic in the Presidential race again this year. Trump thinks he can get some Democrats to vote for him, plus enough Republicans and Independents to beat Hillary.

Hillary thinks she will get some Republicans to abandon Trump and vote for her. She believes she will hold onto most Democrats and pick up enough Independents to beat Trump.

Nov. 8th is not that far away and we will learn who won soon enough.

If you look at ideology 72%; are not liberal. They lean right or are in the middle.

So what gives?

Watching entertainers trash Trump recently got me wondering if they realize they are trashing his supporters as well?

Do they even care?

Seth Meyers, Rober DeNiro, Cher, and Will Smith come to mind in the last week.

Will Smith has been really vocal!

They support Hillary and want everyone to know Trump is a terrible candidate.

What if conservatives and moderates started boycotting these entertainers?

I’m talking about a conscious decision!

What if Independents who are going to vote for Trump decide they are being attacked as well when people of influence come out and put Trump down in an effort to build Hillary up.

I think it would be interesting to see!

131 million people voted in 2008. 125 Million voted in 2012. It could be a record number of voters in 2016.

There are about 320 million people in the U.S. according to the 2014 census. This means about 40% voted.

If 60 million decided to boycott liberal influencers, and instead spend their money with conservatives, and people who did not trash Trump, would that hurt them in the marketplace.


Look at the decline of Jim Carrey and George Clooney. Stephen Colbert replaced Letterman and immediately took up the liberal mantle.

His ratings are poor and even people who watched him on Comedy Network don’t watch him much on CBS.

Jay Leno once said Jerry Lewis told him to stay neutral in politics because you immediately lose 1/2 of your audience.

Evidently Leno must have passed that advice on to Jimmy Fallon.

He comes out leading with jokes about Hillary one night and Trump the next night. It comes across as balanced and funny. Not so with Colbert and Seth Meyers.

A possible solution if Trump loses in Nov.

Hurt the influencers, who trash Donald Trump and in the process are trashing you, in the marketplace.

Spend your money with people who don’t put you down and not with those who must not care about you spending your money on them.

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