Do You Really Understand How Great A Mobile Internet Income Is?

Diane and I have been spending some time at my mother in laws in NW Arkansas.

She has a beautiful townhome overlooking a lake, a lot of trees, and overall a very peaceful place to be.

She travels a lot so it is like having a summer home of our own 🙂

10 Years ago I left my career as an outside sales person as one of the top sales reps in country with sales of over $3.6 Million a year, 4 cardiac arrests, 3 angioplasties, and 2 heart attacks. I had a goal to create an Internet income and I started out in affiliate marketing to do it.

So what is my point?

My Internet income is mobile. I still work when I want, but I control my schedule and to a certain extent my income.

A mobile income does not mean I sell mobile phones or market using text messages. It means as long as I have an Internet connection I can make money anywhere in the world.

In the next month we are going to spend 1-2 weeks with our youngest son at his new house in North Carolina. Following that we will be in Wyoming at our oldest son’s with the grand kids. Sometime in the next year we hope to be moving just south of Myrtle Beach, South Carolina.

We pretty much come and go as we please. I have my own home based business where I am hardly ever home.

Most of my income now comes from blog writing. This is a very mobile home based business I laptop money

Can you picture that for yourself?

You ought to spend some time thinking about that.

Say good bye to your job and go work at home for yourself.

Of course work at home means log online and make some money wherever you are at.

Let me give you some resources to check out that can help get your blood pumping.

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SFI Free Internet Business

Blogging From Paradise – Ryan Bidduplh

Freelance Writing Riches – Maggie Linders

American Writers & Artists Inc. – Expert Writing Help

Ray Higdon Top MLm Trainer

Free Affiliate Marketing Lessons

Warrior Forum – #1 Internet Marketing Forum In The World

Having a mobile Internet income is great no matter you do it.

jeff schumanWould you like to talk about how I can write affordable articles for you blog?

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