Does MLM Work?

I saw a thread in the Warrior Forum titled “Multi-level marketing companies, let’s build a list of ’em!”

The person starting thread started out by saying “We all know that there are a lot of scam companies in MLM. But there are also proven companies selling cosmetics, supplements and stuff like that.”

Someone added comments on ponzi and pyramid schemes where I wrote my comment on the Bernie Maddoff mini series and a list of the Top 100 direct sales companies of which most were MLM companies doing over $100 Million a year in business.

This should at the very least get you wondering how people can say MLM does not work.

Here is more proof: Top 200 Earners Worldwide

If you become a paid member you can see a list of 8800 top earners.

So what!

I agree, if you are not on that list, so what! But if you want proof that MLM works this should be enough to prove it.

I also understand that 8800 top earners in an industry with millions of reps is not that impressive, but let me address that.

People Fail-Whose Fault Is That?

It is not the fault of the network marketing business model if you do not make money, or if you lose more then you earn!

MLM is short for multi level marketing. It is also call network marketing. Network marketing involves selling and recruiting. It is not for everybody.

The problem is real people are looking for a way to make more money and end up joining an MLM company as a way to accomplish that. They are usually under prepared because of a lack of skills.

More specifically they lack Internet marketing skills and they lack people skills. If you master traffic generation skills you can get away with a lack of people skills to a certain extent when you are prospecting and sponsoring online.

If you choose to find prospects via social media you need to be somewhat people oriented, but very rarely will that ever be face to face if you use the Internet.

MLM works! Will it work for you?

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