Easy Way To Add Pictures To Blog Posts

Blogging seems challenging to a new blogger both in terms of content and pictures. Where do you find pictures and what is an easy way to add pictures to blog posts? Do you really even need pictures or graphics on your blog?

One of the keys to having a successful blog is creating a good experience for your visitors. High quality content is important. I can help you with that if you need someone to write affordable blog articles.

Beyond the articles you post adding videos, pictures, or graphics can really liven up your blog and create a great first impression when someone lands on your it for the first time. It can also play a role in getting them to come back.

Where To Find Pictures

I know many bloggers get hung up on where they are going to find pictures for their blog.

My #1 source for images is Pixabay. They have over 560,000 free images you can add to your blog.

These images are royalty free and you can add them to your blog posts to liven them up a little.

Type in a word that matches what you want an image for. You will see the word shutterstock in the background of pictures at the top of the page.

This is a sponsored image and one reason you can get free pictures. Scroll down and you find more pictures without shutterstock on them and those are the ones I choose from.

Adding Pictures

When you make a post to your blog click on add media or add image.

Something along those lines depending on the blogging platform you are using.

Do a Google search for “how to add and image to my blog post” and you will probably see how to do it for your blogging platform.

I like to align my pictures on the left and set them as a small image. I also like to add my primary keyword to the alt tag.

Search engines only read words so you are just reinforcing what you post is about.

More Free Image Sources

I mentioned I use Dreamstime and Pixabay, but there are many free sources for stock images online Here are a couple more I have come across.

– freeimages.com
– picography.co

Can you use Google Images? Probably not. I do not do it.

Some free stock photo sites require what is called attribution required. What does that mean as it relates to photos or pictures.?

This is where you give the original creator of the photo credit for it. The same thing would be if you were using words from a published article.

I do not worry about attribution because I only use pictures, graphics, stock photos from free image sites where I am allowed to use them for my own blog.

Read a good article on attribution here.

Here is a good thread on the Warrior Forum: High Quality Free and Cheap Image Sources

Here is a good article 5 Powerful Reasons To Add Images To Your Blog Posts

Closing Thought

Do not overdo it when adding pictures to your blog. You are just trying to enhance your post, not detract from it. I only add 1 or 2 pictures to a 200-400 word article. Maybe 3-4 pictures on a 1000 word article.

Here is one other thing to think about as it pertains to image size. I like to use smaller pictures that show up nicely on my smart phone.

I understand that a responsive theme will re-size a picture to the device it is being searched for. Plan ahead a little with the idea that in the not so far future Google says 90% of all searches will be done on a smartphone.

By adding 1 or 2 small pictures you will not be dominating the screen, but you will be adding nicely to the appearance of it.

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