F-E-A-R Means What?

What does f-e-a-r stand for to you?

– Forget Everything and Run

– Forget Everything and Rise


Maybe something entirely different!

I saw this posted on LinkedIn and I like it, except I added another definition.

How about….

Forget Everything and Relax!

Don’t you think everybody is a little uptight right now?

I’ve been paying a lot of attention to the presidential race between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton. I watched the debates Monday night along with 81 million other people.

I come online and look at various discussion forums and social networks and see how many people are struggling to make money online. All of this gets to be a little overwhelming you whether are your successful right now or not.

I kind a like the idea of just forgetting everything and relaxing once in a while. Granted, I’m a freelance blog writer that works for myself at home, so when I want to take a break I just get up from my desk and go take a break!

However, everybody can take a mental break once in a while and I think they should. In the end just chill out and everything will work out all right!

Just forget everything and relax.

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