Fresh Content Is Only Half The Equation: Here Are 327 Blog Traffic Sources

Here is what I know after over 10 years of blogging.

Successful bloggers do two things successfully.

1. They publish quality fresh content consistently.
2. They promote their blog.

There’s obviously a lot that goes into these two things or more bloggers would be successful.

However, there are just about an equal number of bloggers who are quitting as there are new ones who are starting.

To me that is called a clue!

If you like to blog for the fun of it, or maybe it’s even therapeutical, write consistently and don’t worry about the results. If this is the kind of blogger you are chances are you’re not doing it for the money, and there’s nothing wrong with that.

What if you do want to make money with your blog?

Then you need to be publishing quality fresh content on a regular basis and promoting your blog all over the Internet.

I got an email a couple days ago from a blogger that I follow, Kim Roach. The title of the subject line in the email was “327+ Places to Get Traffic To Your Blog“.

This is a really good title for bloggers who are looking for ways to get more traffic to their blog, which is almost all of us. I immediately opened the email and read it.

She included a link to her blog post that is very impressive.

Let me hit the first couple of highlights real quick.

Her basic formula is that in two steps you can start getting traffic to your blog.

1. Find out where your target audience is.
2. Get in front of them. She calls that positioning.

The rest of the article goes into detail on how to accomplish these two things.

If you have problems publishing quality fresh content on a consistent basis maybe you should hire me as your freelance blog writer. That will take care the first part of the equation.

Then spend the rest of your time getting the blog posts I write for you in front of your target audience. I would submit that if you take even a handful of Kim’s suggestions you’re going to increase your traffic dramatically.

This is where you are going to find the blogging can really be a lot of fun.

When you start increasing your traffic and making money you’re going to become hooked on blogging for profit. Especially when you don’t have to write the content yourself because it takes the pressure off of you to keep your blog constantly updated.

It also lets you do blogging on a part-time basis because you can promote your blog virtually anywhere at any time. You can do on your smart phone or tablet. You certainly can do it on your laptop or desktop.

All you need is an Internet connection and a system for promoting the blog posts I make for you. Let me handle the fresh content part of the equation and you become a professional blogger by promoting your content!

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