I want to be nice in this article.

I do not really like the constant yelling back and forth between conservatives and liberals as if you are going to change anyone’s mind.

I read where conservative icon George Will has left the Republican Party due to Donald Trump.

I imagine there were a few people that were sad about this, but I also imagine there were the majority like me who really don’t care.

George Will would be in that category known as the establishment. He’s one of the people that has been on Fox for the last year bashing Trump and his supporters every chance he gets.

Nothing wrong with that because Fox, Brett Baier in particular, has given him a platform to do that, as do the several hundred newspapers he writes a column for, and has for over 40 years.

I noticed when he went on O’Reilly awhile back to take on Bill about inaccuracies in his book “Killing Reagan”, O’Reilly was not that impressed with the credentials of George Will.

He even mentioned about a week after that initial appearance that he went back and read some of George’s columns and couldn’t find any real evidence of solutions to problems our country has in any of them.

This might very well be some of the problem the Republican Party has right now in the fight between people who want change and people who are trying to hang on to what they currently have.

There’s a very good business being done by people like George Will, Bill Kristol, Eric Erickson, and many more. These are the conservatives that make their living telling the rest of us how we should think.

These are also the conservatives that the majority of people following Donald Trump really do not care to listen to anymore. Think about what that does to their business in the future if Trump is actually elected president.

They will still be able to preach to a small choir, but how much influence are they really going to have? I think not that much, especially if Trump is able to get in office and start making some changes that only an outsider could do.

Thank you George Will, you old heart breaker. We appreciate what you’ve done in the past, but like everything in life change is inevitable and you realized you are no longer needed.

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