Here Is Why You Should Build Your Own Affiliate Website

Affiliate marketing is a business model that can be traced back over 20 years to when Amazon started one of the first affiliate programs selling books online.

Today the industry has grown and millions of people all over the world make money in various ways as affiliate marketers.

As with many things in the make money online niche affiliate marketing offers a great opportunity for the average person to get started making money online when it’s done correctly. There are various ways to earn money as an affiliate marketer including pay per click, pay per lead, pay per sale, and two-tier affiliate programs.

Regardless of the program you choose to get started with you should consider building your own affiliate website. There are many reasons I can make this statement.

Let’s take a look at some of the top reasons why you should build your own affiliate website.

Do You Understand What A Replicated Website Is?

When you join an affiliate program you’re going to get websites available for you to promote. These are what are known as a replicated website.

Every affiliate is promoting the exact same website. The difference is your website will be coded with your affiliate identification number so your affiliate account is credited when the website visitor completes the required action.

For example, if you’re selling an affiliate product on the replicated website you will be credited when a sale is made. Most affiliate websites have what are known as cookies.

This helps the affiliate merchant identify a website visitor for a preset amount of time if they do not make a purchase on their first visit.

Some affiliate programs have lifetime cookies, or others might have 60 or 90 days where you are credited for a sale if your visitor comes back and makes a purchase at a later date. This is true even if they end up on another affiliate’s replicated website.

Rather than using the replicated affiliate website provided by the affiliate merchant it is better for you to build your own affiliate website so you can customize it anyway you want.

Low Start Up Costs

Many affiliate programs are free to join. This is definitely a benefit if you are in a financial position where you need to make money and not spend money.

However, it is recommended that you do build your own affiliate website and there is a small cost associated with that.

You will need to purchase a domain name which will run you around $15 a year. You also need to set up a hosting account and that can be as low as five dollars a month depending on what you purchase. is a good source for both purchasing a domain name and hosting your new affiliate website.

Today many affiliate websites are built using a blogging platform provided by the website hosting company. The most popular of these is WordPress and they have many templates you can choose from depending on the theme of your website.

One advantage to using a WordPress theme as your website is you do not need any technical ability to get your site off the ground. It is as easy as clicking a few buttons and you’re all set up.

You can then began to develop your site however you want. Your only investment at this point is the time it takes you to add content such as articles, graphics, videos, and so on.

What Will You Sell?

One of the great things about affiliate marketing is the never ending supply of products and services you can promote. For example, if you want to sell physical products you can join the Amazon affiliate program and immediately have access to thousands of products you can start selling right away.

Clickbank is one of the largest digital information affiliate programs online today. This is a fast way to find products relating to the niche your affiliate website is in.

Perhaps you just want to build information websites and get paid by the click. Google AdSense has paid out billions of dollars in commissions and continues to be the world’s largest affiliate program for pay per click advertising.

The pay per lead method is also known as cost per action. This is where your website visitor fills out a lead form and you earn a commission when they do that. Another example would be where they download software and you get paid by the download.

Offer Vault is a great source for training on pay per lead and cost per action affiliate marketing. Max Bounty is one of the top affiliate networks to join and get started making money this way.

Many affiliates start off by finding a product to sell in a niche they have an interest in, or passion for. This is a smart way to get started in affiliate marketing because you’re more likely to stick to it when you’re initially not earning much money.

How Will You Promote Your New Affiliate Website?

Having a website that nobody visits is like being in business where nobody can find your retail store. An important part of making money in affiliate marketing is driving quality traffic to your new affiliate website.

One of the best long-term strategies is to target specific keyword phrases in the blog articles you are writing. To do this you need to build a keyword list relating to the theme of your website.

You will then write articles and add content around those specific keyword phrases. This is one of the important strategies related to search engine optimization and getting your website ranked on the top search engines.

Another part of this is to get high quality backlinks. Google looks closely at the quality of the links you are getting back to your website.

They use this to determine what the page rank of your website and webpages are. Over time you will begin to rank for the various keyword phrases you are targeting because of the links you have been building.

One other factor to consider when promoting your new affiliate website is social media. Google looks at social signals such as where your traffic is coming from and are your visitors interacting with you.

For this reason you want to join the top social networks such as Google Plus, Facebook, and Twitter. Be active in them and promote your affiliate website links on your social sites.

This will help you develop traffic from the links, as well as creating valuable backlinks to your affiliate website for ranking on Google.

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