Hillary Not To Be Indicted?

If you believe Attorney General Lynch then the FBI recommendation not to indict Hillary Clinton is what will happen.

My opinion on this is…..

So what!

This is not surprising to me at all.

If I was Donald Trump I would spend very little time even talking about Hillary and her email scandal. The average person in America does not know or even care about it. This just seems like more of the old way of doing politics to me.

If a Democrat has a problem the Republicans spend all of their energy trying to exploit it for an political advantage and vice versa. In the end very little happens except a lot of name calling and no consequences.

This is the crap that goes on day after day on t.v. on Fox, CNN and MSNBC, and in the Congress where everything seems to be a reality show with no progress. Everybody is always trying to 1 up the other party.

It is such B.S.

Here is what is important

Can Donald Trump explain why he will be better for the economy and on protecting all of us from terrorism & better then Hillary Clinton?

If he can he will win. If he can’t he will lose.

Plain and simple.

I think he can if he will just focus and not get off track on other things like tweeting something irrelevant to these 2 main points.

Watch the movie 13 Hours to get an idea of why I personally do not like the idea of Hillary protecting us.

Look at the real unemployment numbers and how much worse off average people are now compared to even 4 years ago, and see if you think more of the same is the answer.

If not vote for Trump.

If you are o.k. with that vote for Hillary. I am glad the Benghazi and email investigations are over.

The results were exactly as I predicted.

Now let’s get on with trying to improve our country and focus on things that matter!

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