Home Based Business Not Work Based Business

One of the many things I like about a home based business in MLM is the ability to take it on the road if you want to.

The same could be said for any Internet business.

Here is what you should not do and it goes without saying.

Do not go to work where you are getting paid to do a job and then cheat your employer by working your home based business during your working hours. That is exactly what has gotten Charzettea Spencer fired.

She was gung hoe on her Visalus and Mary Kay businesses. She decided to work her home business at her City government job and she got fired for it.

I think it is great that people are enthusiastic about building their businesses, but a job and a home business do not mix. Even if you are only using a little bit of work time to do email marketing, which is what Charzetta was doing.

She was sending personal home business emails to customers and prospects on her work email account. Most employers will not allow that and the risk of losing your job is not worth it. Especially when you can do email marketing 24 hours a day with an autoresponder such as Aweber.

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