How Do Blogs Make Money From Traffic?

Let me rephrase this to ask can you really make money online without selling anything?

Yes you can make money without selling anything.

One of the best ways blogs make money from traffic is the Google Adsense affiliate program. This is a pay per click program where you earn 68% of the amount billed to the advertiser.

How can you earn 68% of something you do not sell?

Google sells the advertising. They match the advertisers to the theme of your blog.

You focus on content marketing and getting traffic to your blog. Google gives you a simple piece of code to add to your blog that brings up advertisers on your blog that your visitor might be interested.

If they click on the ad you earn a commission. How much?

That totally depends on the niche you are in and the keyword phrases in your articles. Google is looking at these words and will provide advertisers accordingly.

One Example

If the cost of the ad is $10 you earn $6.80. That would be a high paying keyword phrase and even one click a day earns you an extra $200 a month.

There is no selling on your part. You do not need to collect email addresses either.

As you can see this is simple. The downside is every person who comes to your blog will leave whether they click on an add or not.

For that reason many affiliate marketers still try and build an email list. This way you can contact your list when you make a blog post update.

Invite them to your blog to read your article. Of course it will contain Google Ads and some of your visitors will click on those ads.

This is one way blogs make money from traffic and make money online without selling anything.

Learn more about Google Adsense here:

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