How Much Do Online Survey Takers Get Paid

In this article I want to look at how much do online survey takers get paid.

It may be more and it may be more less then you think depending various factors.

I know online survey takers do get paid because I have made money 2 in 2 ways with Cash Crate which is an excellent survey site in my opinion.

Join The Best Survey Companies

So, the most important thing to find when you’re looking at taking online survey companies is to join the best survey companies. I’m going to give you what I feel are the best in this article below.

You will have choices and there are certain advantages to joining more then one survey program.

How Will You Spend Your Time

Another thing to consider is how are you going to spend your time making money with survey companies.

You can basically take surveys for cash, fill out offers and receive free samples, reward points and other things for your time, or you can refer people to survey sites and earn money on the surveys they take.

You you may want to try all three until you figure out what works best for you.

Join Free

surveys-online-money-surveys1 Another important thing is don’t pay any money to join the survey company.

There are plenty of opportunities for you to join companies for free and start making money, as opposed to spending money.

There are going to be ways to join programs for a fee as well.

These sites charge a fee because they keep up to dates on surveys to take for money and companies to join.

Different Ways To Make Money

Now let me just say that if you’re going to use a combination of taking surveys for cash, referring new members, and completing offers and other action items for reward points on gift cards it is possible to earn minimum wage with survey programs.

That means you are earning $7-$8 dollars an hour.

Some surveys pay under $1 to complete. Some pay more.

Some surveys take 5 minutes to complete. Some will take more. depending on how many questions you are answering.

How long each survey takes is completing up to the company you are taking the survey for.

Based on this you understand that you’re not going to get rich, but it’s a good way to create supplemental income from the comfort of your own home, or accessing the Internet with any device such as a tablet, smart phone, or laptop computer wherever you’re at.

Best Survey Company

What are the best survey companies as you’re going to make the most money from. My personal favorites are…..

1. CashCrate. Join here.

2. Swagbucks. Join here.

3. InboxDollars. Join here.

4. Take Surveys For Cash. Join here.

Others include: Opinion Outpost, iPoll, FusionCash You Gov, Vindale, and Panda Research

Most of these survey programs are for people in the United States, Some include Canada, The UK, and Australia. To find other countries that have survey programs go here:

Join Cash Crate for free here and take your first survey for cash in the next 5 minutes.


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