How Much Is One Big Ticket Customer Really Worth?

In TiDom, and other top tier programs that sell big ticket products, you can earn a lot of money on one sale.

How much?

Let me lay it out for you since I have been thinking about big ticket commissions this morning and how some sales people really are earning 6 and 7 figure incomes in these programs.

Here are the basics.

1. You have to buy the product to be able to sell it. This is known as having resell rights.

2. TiDom and others offer 100% commissions.

If you bought a product that cost $2k you earn $2k selling it.

3. Pass up sale. You have to pass up your first sale to the person you buy from.

4. You only earn at the level you buy! So if you buy a $2k product, and sell a $4K product, you keep $2k and pass up the other $2k to the first person who has bought the $4k product.

The same scenario applies to all products. You only earn at the level you have bought.

So if a product costs $20K you keep $2k and pass up $18K. Ouch!

Makes you want to buy at the highest level. That is the most extreme example.

Let me give you a scenario that happens every day.

You buy a product that cost $3500.

You get to keep $3500 every time you sell that product after you pass up your first sale.

However, let’s say you sell a product that cost $6500.

In this case you keep $3500 and pass up $3K to the first person who has purchased the $6500 product.

This helps to explain how one big-ticket customer can earn you a lot of money over and over if you find one who really takes the program and works it to make a lot of personal sales.

Often times though what happens is that person will reinvest some of their profits and buy the more expensive products and they could even bypass you in the products they’re allowed to resell.

Even so, before they do that you may have earned several thousand dollars more than your initial sale to them. This is one way that big-ticket programs become so profitable, and why they blow many other network marketing companies compensation plans out of the water!

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