How To Generate Repeat Blog Visitors Through High Quality Blogging

When it comes to advertising there’s basically two ways to get visitors to your blog. You can do paid advertising, or you can use free advertising methods.

One of the best advertising methods, that doesn’t cost anything at this time, is high quality blogging. However, this can be expensive in terms of the amount of time you spend to get people to come visit your blog.

One idea to make this more cost-effective is to generate repeat blog visitors. Your goal is that once you have somebody come to your blog, how can you go about getting them to come back over and over?

I think we both would agree that the more repeat visitors we have the less time we have to spend attracting new visitors.

So, how can you use quality blogging to generate repeat blog visitors?

Email Marketing List

One thing you can do is build an email list that you can contact anytime you want. The strategy here is that you can send email messages to your list every time you make a blog update you feel is worth their time reading.

Here’s the way to make this work. Rather than copying the whole blog post, and putting it in the body an email message, just copy the first couple of sentences, and then link the words “continued reading” back to the blog post.

This is a way to drive repeat visitors back to your blog from your email list. It’s also a way to build relationships and enhance your credibility by offering useful information as opposed to always trying to sell them something in email messages they receive from you.

High Quality Useful Information

I see a lot of bloggers who are trying to meet a quota when it comes to adding content to their blog. A better approach when you’re trying to generate repeat visitors is to provide high quality useful information that leaves the reader wanting to come back and see what new information you’ve added to your blog.

One way to provide high-quality information is to increase the number of words in the articles you are writing. Focus on adding more useful content each article.

Google says they want to see articles that are 1000 words or more so give that to them. Don’t just fill up space, but rather really try your best to provide high-quality information and more of it in each article.

I try to do that on my blog here where most of the posts I write are 1000 words or more. I also offer articles of 1000 words as an option when you hire me as a freelance writer.

Reduce Bounce Rates

Make your blog easy to navigate so people don’t want to leave it quickly. Link from one page to the next so they can continue to read more articles.

Make sure you’re using a responsive theme on your blog. This means that it adjusts accordingly to the devices being viewed on. It’s easy to read whether they’re on a desktop computer, laptop, tablet, or smartphone.

Also be sure that your blog pages are loading quickly. Nothing makes somebody leave a blog, and not want to come back more, than if they have to wait to get into it to start with.

Social Media

Take advantage of as many different social media marketing sources as you can to drive repeat visitors back to your blog. You never know where they found your blog to begin with, but if you’re doing it correctly they have seen you on one of the social media outlets you use.

1. Google Plus. Start with the big G. They are not as big as Facebook, but of course they carry alot of weight and help in getting your blog ranked. Sometimes the Google Plus bookmark will show uo in an organic search which of course contains a link to your blog post.

2. Facebook. Whenever you make a blog post be sure and link back to it on your Facebook page.

You can do this by adding the new comment and pasting in the URL of the blog post you want to link back to. If you’ve used a graphic that will show up along with the blog title and a link which people can click on to come back your blog.

3. Twitter. Every time you do a blog post tweet about it.

Paste in the title of the blog post, the URL, and then enticing words that add up to 140 characters. Re-tweet it several times a day or a week because you never know who is online at the time you tweet.

4. You tube. Take the blog post and create a video out of it using Animoto. This is an easy way to create a slide series video with music that you can instantly publish on YouTube.

Bring the video back to the post and add it somewhere in the body of it. You might just add the words relevant video at the end of the blog post and then paste in the embed code so the whole video is visible.

People are using YouTube as a search engine so it’s a good source of driving people to your blog which means you can utilize some of the various strategies we talked about to generate repeat blog visitors.

5. Only Wire. This is a handy little online site you can use to instantly bookmark your blog post into multiple social directories.

You will need to join each directory one time. Then you just paste in the URL, and it will load the title and the first couple of sentences of the blog post. You can also add an image to make it more visually appealing.

6. SEO. Used proper search engine optimization when you create a blog post to help you rank on the organic results of the big three search engines, Google, Yahoo, and Bing.

You may not think of this as generating repeat visitors, but once you rank for numerous keyword phrases you are constantly generating blog visitors without having to make new content posts all of the time. Many bloggers have reported that once they reach the status of an authority blog with Google they begin to rank for all kinds of keyword phrases and their traffic flow greatly increases.

Let me just reiterate that generating repeat blog visitors is an important strategy for having a successful blog. If you have to spend all your time creating new content, just to find new readers, eventually you will burn yourself out.

Don’t let that happen to you!

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