I Made $1 Online Today! Now Can I Make $1000?

I came across an interesting thread over at The Warrior Forum this morning.

The subject was if you can make $1 a day online, does it mean you can make $1000?

As you could imagine the responses are all over the place.

Looking back…..

In Sept. 2002 I started buying opt in leads of people looking for ways to make money online. I imported these into an autoresponder and started emailing them my affiliate links to different things relating to making money online.

The one that did the best for me was Rosalind Gardner’s “Super Affiliate Handbook” which I made over $450 in commissions my first month.

I was hooked on making money online and have never stopped. I have made money every month for almost 14 years now. Here is what I have learned and how it applies to the person who just made $1 and now wonders if they can make $1000.

Ask yourself this question!

Is the way I made $1 something I can scale into making $1K?

In my case back in 2002 I just kept buying more opt in leads and emailing them. My income increased.

Although I do not remember exactly when I had my first $1k month, I do remember in the fall of 2006 I had my first $1K day. However, buying optin leads was not a long term model as several things changed in relation to spam and even being able to buy optin leads and import them into an autoresponder.

You can not do that anymore? So, what about making $1K after you have made your first $1?

One of the Warrior Members summarized it this way.

The answer is yes…

But it depends on a few things….

Yes depends on 5 factors:

Available time.
The system (that earned the $1).
Profit margins.

This is a good enough list to consider so let’s think about it.

1. Ability. Doing Internet marketing takes skills.

Most people never master any so they will NOT ever even make it to $1. I’m not talking about taking surveys here.

2. Available time. Until you master 1 or 2 Internet marketing skills this is a BIG reason why most never earn $1K ever.

However, once you learn how to use the Internet to market things time becomes somewhat irrelevant becomes the Internet never sleeps. You can make money 24 hours a day once you have your system for doing it in place.

3. Finances. It does not take money to make money, but it does if you do not have time.

If you can afford to outsource what you do not know how to do, including marketing, anyone can make $1K and well beyond. There is a saying, “do what you like best and outsource the rest”!

4. The system that earned you $1. How did you make your first dollar?

If it was taking paid surveys online you can not probably scale that to $1k. Anything that takes your time limits your ability to make more money because you eventually run out of time.

There is only 24 hours a day! If you can leverage your time correctly then how much you make is really only a matter of doing what works.

Then use a rinse and repeat system for doing it over and over to make more money.

5. Profit margins. If you do paid advertising it become not how much did you make, but how much did you keep.

This is why you see so much emphasis on building an email list. If you have a list you can sell to your advertising costs go way down,

Your fixed costs are only $20/mo. for an autoresponder, plus your time to write the email and click the send button. The hard part is building the list and again most never really ever get much of a list to email to.

In Summary

Here is what I have seen in the last 14 years in relation others making money online. Anyone can, but most never do! Sad but true!

You either have to invest money to have people do things for you, or you have to invest time to learn how to do Internet marketing. Once you learn you have to apply that knowledge and invest your time and effort until you have enough profit to hire people to do the work for you.

Here is the link to the Warrior Thread on is it possible to make $1k now that you have made $1. This is an interesting read if you have a few minutes to study it.

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