what is Brock Osweiler worth

Before we answer that, the question I have is Peyton Manning worth $19.5 Million a year?

Not anymore.

That is what the Denver Broncos will owe him if he is on the roster March 9, 2016.

He was fantastic for the Broncos, but everything ends eventually.

Look at Joe Montana leaving the 49er’s in 1993, when he was traded to the K.C. Chiefs after they decided to go with Steve Young.

Who would have ever believed that would happen? By the way he signed for $10M 23 years ago and led them to the playoffs.

I do not think Peyton can play at that level anymore and should call it a great career. He  has already been through this back in March, 2012 with the Colts.

They did not want him back and went with Andrew Luck. What a lucky break John Elway signed him.

Look at the results the last 4 years. 

4 league championships, 2 Super Bowl appearances and one win.

As a lifelong Broncos fan it has been so great to watch!

Now Manning is going to be let go again.

This time it makes sense because Denver has Brock Osweiler who is worth $10 Million a year.

Maybe more…..

I read that one offer the Broncos would make is $36M for 3 years.

Rumor has it he may want $52M for 4 years. 

Is he worth that?

I trust John Elway to do the right thing for the Broncos. We need a good quarterback.

Not even a great one at this point, but a good one. Brock is that guy based on what he did last year and his overall knowledge of the Broncos offense.

Hopefully this will work out where Peyton Manning retires as one of the 5 greatest quarterbacks of all time and the Osweiler era begins!

Update 03-08-16

Ok I was low balling Brock. The Broncos have offered $15 Million for three years. That includes some incentive dollars and is not a guaranteed number. It looks like the Houston Texas may make an offer, so we will see what it comes in at. The Broncos want to keep Osweiler, but do not feel he is at the franchise quarterback level yet.

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