Here we go again.

Stop me if you have heard this song before.

Last night I was cheering for the Cavs to force game 7.

Questionable officiating!

I am for the Warriors in the series, but I love to watch NBA basketball and wanted one more game on Sunday.

Luckily for me I had 2 of the worst refs in the NBA working the game. Anyone who follows the game knows I am talking about Kenny Mauer and Scott Foster.

If you are into conspiracy theories you would think the NBA put those 2 on the game because they are so bad you couldn’t accuse the NBA of fixing the game.

They didn’t disappoint with 3 bad foul calls on Steph Curry and when he lost his cool and threw his mouthpiece Jason Phillips ejected him.

Curry has never fouled out of a game before and has never been ejected either. 2 more firsts to add to his second MVP season.

Here is my take on all of this.

It is hard to say they fixed the game when they called 3 bad foul calls on Kevin Love of the Cavs in the first half pretty much taking him out of his game for the night.

However, they would never make calls like that on Lebron James. King James is a too great of a player, but so is Steph.

It looks like the refs came in with an agenda, but Lebron was great again and his team stepped up around him. The Cavs didn’t need the help from the refs in this game, but it would have been nice to see Curry in at the end bombing 3’s.

Somehow I feel cheated by not getting to see the Cavs force game 7 fairly, and I blame the refs for that, whether they are just bad or crooked.

Since Kenny Mauer and Scott Foster were reffing I suspect it was just poor officiating because that what is what they do. I blame the NBA for assigning them to the game in the first place.

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