Is Your Blog Personal?

One of the reasons I tell people to start a blog on something they have an interest in, or a passion for, is because it makes it easier to sit down and write interesting content. One of the best ways to create interesting content is to write about personal experiences!

Can you tell the difference between an article written by somebody with personal experience versus somebody who’s writing from a position of researching something online?

I can.

A personal blog is going to use the word I, me, or myself. You’re writing your articles in first person and that’s one way to make your blog more personal.

Personal blogs allow you to write just like you talk. You don’t need to pretend to be somebody that you’re not.

Just be the best you.

Don’t try to impress people with big fancy words that don’t sound like you. Again just right like you talk.

Add passion to what you’re writing about. That certainly is easier to do when you’re talking from a position of personal experience.

Write with more of a friendly approach as opposed to a professional approach. There’s nothing wrong with professional tone in certain articles, but in general a friendly tone is more enjoyable and people tend to stick with a longer.

What makes content more friendly?

Real life stories, humor, videos, podcasts, and so on done by you. Those are hard to copy and usually won’t be by a writer scanning the Internet for article ideas.

One last thing I want to mention is your brand. That’s really what you’re doing with your blog when you’re writing about yourself. You’re establishing a brand so take time to treat it with the utmost love and attention.

I have my about me page set as my static home page. Now that is personal! 🙂

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