John Kasich Would Be Good In MLM

As it became apparent he could not win anything other then Ohio Donald Trump started calling on John Kasich to drop out of the presidential race, which of course he refuses to do.

You have to admire the guy’s tenacity.

If more people had the same stick to it attitude in their MLM business the success rate would be higher.

However, in Kasich’s case he really should have quit in the opinion of myself and almost everyone else.

If you are working your MLM business, and not having any luck, how much longer should you stay in it?

Be Your Own Best Customer

Do you like the products your MLM company has? If nothing else buy them from yourself and save money on the retail price.

If your product has a 30% mark up from wholesale to retail that is savings in your pocket when you are buying at distributor pricing. As long as you will keep buying the products don’t quit your MLM business.

Get Some Customers

This is one of the main things I do not understand about network marketing. Why don’t you have some customers?

This is supposed to be a business not a hobby!

Every business needs customers. In MLM it is the law that you must have retail customers and not just focus on sponsoring people as new distributors.

Get a handful of new customers and take care of them. You can earn some good part time income and again you do not need to build a downline if you do not want to.

To Sponsor Or Not To Sponsor

There is no doubt that the #1 reason people quit their MLM business is the time and money they lose trying to sponsor new members into their business. This is a financial and mental drain that does not need to be the case.

It is my understanding that the average person in network marketing does not sponsor 2 or more new distributors. You need to decide very quickly if you are in your MLM to make full time money, part time, money or just to save money buying the products.

The larger income levels come from having a sales team of your own buying and selling products. You earn money on these purchases, but the point is meaningless if you are not going to work your business as a business.

The reasons to stay in network marketing, or to quit , is up to you. At least John Kasich has his own good reasons for not dropping out of trying to get the GOP nomination this year for President.

Why did you join your MLM. Why are you still in it?

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