Melaluca Turns 30

Update 05-02-17. According to Business For Home Melaluca had sales revenue of 1.33 Billion in 2015. This would be an increase of over $100 Million from 2014.

Congratulations to Melaluca and Frank VanderSloot for making it through 30 years in the competitive world of direct sales and network marketing.

I saw Frank on the O’Reilly factor a few years ago discussing how he he was being targeted by the IRS for giving $1 Million Dollars to a Romney super pac. Evidently that turned out alright.

Founded in 1985, Melaluca is 30 years old and has annual revenues of over $1.2 Billion Dollars. That is fantastic. They have over 450 health and wellness products being sold in 18 countries.

I read an article about them turning 30 on Business For Home. What caught my eye was the 1 million customers they have and their 95% re-order rate.

Obviously these people like the products. This would include both retail customers and distributors. They say they have paid out over $4 Billion Dollars in commissions in the past few years.

Whoever thinks MLM and direct sales does not work needs to study Melaluca!

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