MLM Companies Are Good Too! They Give A Lot To Charity

I came across an article on a MLM company doing something good. This headline caught my eye in an email I received from Business For Home…

Isagenix Raises $5 Million In 4 Years For Make-A-Wish“. I like that because it seems to me so many articles on network marketing are negative.

I can understand why that’s the case. In the past network marketing companies got a black eye because of how new distributors were recruited. There was a lot of secrecy when inviting people to the business opportunity meetings.

Once you got there you sat through a 1 hour meeting before you even knew what company the presenter was talking about. You were invited this way because they MLM company had a bad reputation.

If you told someone why you were inviting them they would not show up. The other part of this that went on in the past, and still somewhat goes on today, is the misrepresentation of how much money you can make in network marketing.

The Federal Trade Commission just handed down to $200 million fine to Herbalife basically sending the signal to the whole industry that you better start retailing products to customers and not try to make all of your money recruiting new distributors.

This is okay in my mind because I’ve always felt that an MLM company was only as good as its products first and it’s distributors second.

Anyway back to my main point. MLM companies and distributors do a lot of good.

I did a little research.

I wanted to see how easy it was to find articles on MLM companies donating to charity. I came up with some of the following articles in about 2 minutes.

Amway’s DeVos family donates $500K to help families of Orlando mass shooting

Avon Breast Cancer Crusade – Over $800 Million Raised since 1992.

Herbalife Family Foundation Donates $12,000 to Establish Worcester’s First Casa Herbalife Program

It is easy to find out how charitable any business is including MLM companies. Just Google search “XYZ Company Donates”

As an example Amway Donates and view the results.

Many MLM companies have foundations that do nothing but work on charities. Why do that?

Because it helps you defend the good your MLM company does when someone is giving you a hard time about being in a pyramid scheme, or that little home business you have. 🙂 I know most businesses are very charitable!

This got me thinking about an article I read once on Bill Gates. He resigned his day to day leadership of Microsoft to start a foundation helping people.

To date the Gates Foundation has given away $36.7 Billion Dollars My Hope for 2030 | Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation

We seem to live in a society where negative articles dominate the news cycle. Much of this has to do with politics, especially this presidential campaign. However, you can find many good news stories online if you want to do a little bit of digging.

I like the fact that Isagenix, and virtually every MLM company, does more than just try to make money. They’re willing to give back in terms of time and money to various charities in local communities and this is impressive!

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