I did a video recently for David Bishop’s excellent blog on making money tips.

I have written a lot of the content and created the videos as well and he is putting together a very good blog on making money on the internet.

The video? It is titled “What Is A Niche Marketing Business?” and answers that question specifically by looking at affiliate marketing as a niche.

It solves the problem of how to make money online.

Putting together a niche marketing strategy is pretty easy if you can decide on a niche to target. That is the hard part for most people.

Wendy Strain addresses this problem in a good article “Why Loosening the Niche Knot Makes You a Better Writer

Of course she is talking about choosing a niche from a writers point of view, but it makes sense for anyone trying to figure out a niche to start an online business in. I like to come up with niche marketing ideas with the plan of starting a blog and monetizing it with Google Adsense.

This way you do not need to worry about products to sell. Google sells ads for every niche and you can make money when people click on them on your blog.

Check out the Niche Notebook for niche marketing examples. They also offer a free niche mini course to help you figure out how to choose a niche.

There are over 100 niche ideas to get your creative juices flowing. I bookmarked it myself and plan on studying it closer for niche marketing research for my next niche blog!

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