Online Forum Marketing Tips: Doing It The Right Way

Online forum marketing is where you use a public or private discussion forum to promote your product or service.

Forums have been around since the beginning of Internet marketing, and really were a form of social media marketing long before we had Facebook or Twitter.

I personally have been using the Warrior Forum since 2002 to learn how to do Internet marketing and also promote my products and services.

What I’ve learned in that time is there is a right way and a wrong way to do online forum marketing.

In this article let me offer some helpful online forum marketing tips so you can maximize your time and get better results if you’re wanting to use discussion forums to promote something.

Since this is a blog that focuses on home business and network marketing businesses I’m going to talk about the Warrior Forum and specifically how you can use it to promote your business opportunity there.

Join The Warrior Forum For Free

The Warrior Forum claims it is the #1 Internet Marketing Forum & Marketplace. I know that is true!

Here are their most recent statistics as I write this article.

Members: 1,154,043
Threads: 711,970
Posts: 8,551,220

As you can see the Warrior Forum is a very active Internet marketing forum. You can join it for free and this is very easy to do.

If you have a different niche you want to promote and make contacts in do a Google search like this: “you niche + discussion forum”.

For example if I am in the health niche I would search “health discussion forums”.

Find relevant forums that are active. There is no sense joining a forum where people are not hanging out and participating in the discussions.

I just looked at my stats and I have made 3671 posts myself. Over the years this has generated a lot of traffic to my websites.

Set Up Your Profile

Spend enough time to do this correctly because people will look at it. According to my Warrior Forum profile page stats it has been visited 16, 965 times since 2002.

What does that mean to me?

People in an active forum use it to find out things about products, services, and other members. That is one of the keys to doing forum marketing.

Think in terms of passive promotion. You never know when someone will check you out.

Signature File

This is the key to getting people to whatever you are promoting. Try and join discussion forums where they will let you link to one of your pages.

Most forums will not let you link to affiliate pages. The one you link to needs to be real page of yours.

I’ve tried different things over the years, but generally I try to drive traffic either to my homepage, or to a specific page that has an offer I want to promote. Mine currently is set to go directly to my freelance writer page where I sell home business and MLM articles.

The easiest way to set up your signature file is to study how other forum members are doing it. Use these ideas to create a catchy signature file of your own.

Forum Marketing

It’s interesting that in forum marketing you are never directly promoting anything. The fastest way to get your membership canceled is to promote your products and services directly in a thread post you make.

Marketing in a forum is done through your signature file or profile page. The way to get more exposure for your signature file is to participate in as many discussions as you possibly can.

Do not just make random short little posts either. Put some thought into what you’re going to write and make it meaningful to the other members.

This is a great way to enhance your reputation and build credibility. The thing I like about the Warrior Forum is they have a stat counter that shows how many posts you may.

Other members look at this number, and the more active you are the more chances you have for someone to click on the link in your signature file. However, don’t just make posts to bump your number up.

This can actually hurt you. Members can tell the difference between quality and quantity of posts. Strive for both!

Plan a certain amount of time every week to participate in forum marketing. When I first started out I tried to do five posts every day, and once I got in the routine I found this was easy to do.

You should get your own schedule and trying stick to it. As you begin to develop a reputation in the forum you’re going to make friends and it can really benefit your Internet business.

Other Benefits Of Discussion Forums

1. Education. When I first started doing Internet marketing back in 2002 I spent a lot of time in the Warrior Forum just reading and learning what other members were doing to make money online.

You’re not doing any marketing when all you’re doing is reading, but some of the tips you pick up are free and can make you a lot of money in the future.

2. Blog article ideas. One of my best sources for new article ideas comes from finding the most active threads in the Warrior Forum.

This makes sense because the active threads are what people are interested in right now. These are the ones you want to write blog posts on. Reading through them will give you the basic outline for writing your articles.

If you hire a freelance writer like myself use the thread titles as article ideas and give them to your writer. You can even provide the link to the thread which will help them write you a high quality article.

Put these in a swipe file and refer back to it when you need article ideas. Popular threads tend to stay relevant for a long time. I have seen threads that are 5 years old get bumped back to the top of the various forums in the Warrior Forum.

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