Promoting An MLM Blog Post: 10 Action Items

I have written for hundreds of a MLM blogs over the years and visited hundreds more. Some have great content, while others don’t.

One problem I do see with most MLM bloggers is they are not promoting their blog. Does that describe you?

Are you the blogger that focuses mostly on fresh content and very little on marketing that content? If you are publishing network marketing, home business, Internet marketing, social media, and other similar blog articles, and hoping that people find them you are setting yourself up to fail.

Bloggers who love to write tend to focus on that. Bloggers who don’t love to write tend out source their content hoping that is going to get them the traffic they want.

Both hope SEO is the answer and Google will love their content and rank it on page one. It is not that easy and you need to know that Google gives and takes away in their organic results.

What most bloggers fail to do is spend more time on marketing and less time on content creation. I’m talking about taking action in a fun way!

Promoting a blog post doesn’t have to be something you dread doing. In fact it should be just the opposite!

In this article I am going to give you 10 action items you can do after you’ve published a blog post. My suggestion is to complete all 10 of these before you make your next post.

You will need to spend a few minutes getting set up in various social networks and establish a personal account with websites I list that you don’t have an account with now. Also, install a social bookmarking widget to your site so you can quickly bookmark from it. This also makes it easy for readers to share your posts.

Every time you get a link back to your blog from another blog or website you are setting up a way to be found. The more of these you have the faster your business will grow, or least you will have more potential leads to work with.

1. Facebook. Set up an account for your business, or…..

If you are going to use your personal Facebook account add a business page and bookmark your new blog post to it.

Join a handful of MLM, home business, work at home groups, and so on.

2. Twitter. You only have 140 characters to use so make them count.

3. Google Plus. Google will rank your bookmark in their organic results on page 1 in as quickly as 5-10 minutes. If you get people clicking on the bookmark back to your blog they may leave it.

4. LinkedIn. This is the best social network for making business contacts.

5. Reddit. This is high traffic community. Be sure and post in the right category. Don’t post promotional stuff. Share your helpful posts and focus on giving and you will establish credibility here.

6. Blog commenting. Comment on  blogs that relate to MLM, work at home and so on. Comment on the blogs of people that comment on your blog.

7. Internal linking. As your blog grows go back and link to a relevant page by hyper-linking a keyword in the article you are posting.

8. Discussion forums. Hang out in 2 or 3 forums and start helping people. Set up a good profile page. Write a short, interesting signature file with a link back to your blog. Look at the top members and see if you can get ideas from them on their profile page and sig file. I personally am a Senior Member at the Warrior Forum, the world’s largest Internet marketing forum.

9. Email your list. Just add the first couple of sentences from your opening paragraph in your blog post and link back to it.

10. Increase your friends and followers. Ask people to be your friend or follower. Be their friend and followers too! Get social.

Time is money, but if your MLM business is not profitable yet you can compensate for that by marketing your blog with your time. As you begin to make money then look at doing paid ads.

Use the 10 action items for promoting a blog post and try and do all or as many of them as you can before you make your nest post. Over time the marketing you do will really add up to more blog visitors, return readers. possible business partners and much more!

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