SEO Is Not Hard Now Thanks To Brian Dean

I mentioned one of the bloggers I follow is Brian Dean and his Backlinko blog.

He does a great job of providing training and real life scenarios that are working for getting traffic from SEO and backlinks!

I just got an email from him today that I am posting as a service to my readers.

This is not an affiliate link and I do not make money referring it.

The email subject line caught my eye…

SEO used to be hard. Then I tried this…

Brian has anĀ all-new training series that will show you how to generate more buyer traffic for you and your business.

Some of what is covered will include….

– how to create content influencers will want to share

– the secret to ranking content on Google today

– 4 huge SEO mistakes people make that stop them from being successful

– How Brian generated 246,057 visitors and ranked on Google for a very competitive keyword

– And more….

The training start Monday Feb. 29th. Leave a comment on his blog here to let him know you are in.

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