Should I Hire An MLM Ghost Writer For My Blog?

My name is Jeff Schuman and I am an MLM ghost writer.

Very simply put I write blog articles for other MLM blog owners who then publish it on their blog as though they were the writer of that content.

Perhaps you are deciding whether to start an MLM blog of your own, or perhaps you just need help to keep an existing MLM blog updated.

You may wonder whether hiring a ghost writer is something you should do or not?

Let me offer a few tips to help you answer this question!

Is It Cheating?

Some people may feel guilty they are having somebody else do their writing for them. Let me just say there’s no reason for that to be the case.

It’s not cheating. People outsource various aspects of their MLM business, including blog writing, all the time. You’re just not aware of it.

Establish You As An Expert

Hiring an MLM ghost writer to work directly with you helps you become an expert in the field of network marketing. Having your own blog can be beneficial in multiple ways, but in an MLM business people decide every day who they’re going to get into business with.

Having content on your blog that deals with everyday problems and solutions related to making money, and network marketing specifically, is something your ghost writer can accomplish for you.

Build Your Credibility And Trust

As your blog begins to grow your credibility is going to increase.

People also begin to trust you more and that’s an important part of finding new prospects to sponsor in your MLM business.

Building credibility and trust online is not an easy thing to do.

Many people are skeptical about network marketing and getting scammed.

Your blog will help alleviate those doubts.

Build An Email List

One thing that many people in network marketing do is build an email list from their blog. Having your ghost writer keep your blog updated on a regular basis helps you to develop new readers as well as bring old ones back to your blog.

If you have a sign-up form where you are offering an incentive for them to join your email list a certain percentage of people will automatically do that. This email list becomes an asset in your business that you can also use to develop relationships and enhance your credibility and trust with your subscribers.

Ghost Writers Give You An Online Presence

Most people who start their own MLM business are given replicated websites and landing pages to promote. This just means that all of the distributors are using the exact same websites.

The only difference is each is individually coded with an ID number identifying that distributor.

Starting your own blog helps you develop an online presence that helps you to differentiate yourself from other distributors. Many people looking for a business idea they can start on the Internet are not tied to anything in particular, so you have the ability to influence them with your blog.

Think of your blog as pre-selling. You could be pre-selling your prospects on you, on your products, or on your business opportunity. Over time you’re going to be doing all of these anyway.

Your MLM ghost blog writer helps you do that by writing and posting your content for you.

What About The Cost?

I offer a program where I write and publish 10 articles a month for $97.

This works out to a new blog article about every three days.

Remember this is still your business and the blog content is 100% owned and copyrighted by you.

Think of this $97 a month as investment in your MLM business.

I make myself available to discuss your blog via email, chat, Skype or telephone and I do not charge anything for that.

As a full time MLM ghost writer now for over 10 years I can help you with your blog!

Marketing Your Blog On Social Media

Your ghostwriter is getting your content online for you and it’s up to you to market your blog all over social media. This should be something that’s fun!

When done correctly it not only enhances your blog and your personal credibility, but should become an important source of new prospects for your business.

This means getting your business set up with Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus.

You should also look at some of the top social sites such as Reddit where you are bookmarking links back to your blog.

I wrote an article on 10 action items you can do to promote your blog.

Doing these after a new post is made, and before your next article goes live, is a smart thing to do.

Most people fail in network marketing because they don’t sell enough products at retail, sponsor new distributors, and work in depth with their downline. Really the bottom line is viewing your MLM business as a business and treating it that way.

Hiring an MLM blog ghost writer is an important part of building your business. Once that content is online nobody can take that away from you.

Once you have your prospects name and email address you can always follow up with them in the future about your current business or anything else you want to talk about. You can even just link back to your blog post in an email to your list as a way to drive traffic back to it.

In my opinion people who do not know how to write blog content, or are too busy to do it themselves, should definitely hire an MLM blog ghost writer to do it for them. View the cost as an investment in your business.

You are trading money for time when you hire an MLM blog ghost writer. The time you save on writing can be spent on marketing and dealing directly with your prospects, customers, and team of distributors.

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