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I have done no research on this yet, but I am looking for a speech to text app I can dictate into on my phone to do some blog writing.

I’m trying out the free version of the Dragon Dictation App on my smartphone.

All I did was install it and start trying it out.

If it works I can just dictate articles, copy and email them to myself, edit them if I need to, and then paste them either into a text file for customers, or on my own personal blogs.

There is no learning curve to using this at all from what I can see!

I think this is gonna work extremely well because of how convenient it will be.

Plus, I can look at content ideas on my phone, or laptop, and then just dictate from those directly into this speech to text editor.

The other thing I like about this is I can write articles virtually anywhere I’m at as long as I have my smartphone. I’m beginning to start thinking long-term in terms of doing Internet marketing 100% on a smartphone.

Google says that soon 90% of all searches will be done on a smartphone. So, why not be able to run an Internet business 100% on the smartphone!

Think about how nice it would be to travel and take nothing but your smartphone to run your business.

You wouldn’t need a laptop, or tablet either, because you’re smartphone is all you need to access the Internet as long as you have Internet connection.

I just copy & pasted it in an email and sent it to myself. Everything was there exactly as I dictated it.

Very easy! I think I am going to like this! You can learn more about the Dragon Dictation App by clicking here.

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