Let me see if I have this straight.

Mitt Romney thinks there is a bombshell in Donald Trump’s previous year’s tax returns and he went on Fox to tell Neil Cavuto about it.

Now this is the same Mitt Romney I voted for in 2012 because I wanted a business person to try and turn this country around.

However, this is also the same Mitt who refused to question whether President Obama was telling the truth on Benghazi, and now he wants to debate Trump’s net worth and how much he gives to charity.

Give me a break.

Here is what we will find out when Trump makes his taxes known.

He is only worth $4.5 Billion like Forbes says and not $10 Billion in which he includes the value of his brand in hotels he does not personally own, but let’s them use his name for a fee.

He gives to charity. We know he just gave $1 Million to the vets 3 weeks ago when he skipped the Fox Debate before the Iowa caucuses to hold a fundraiser for the veterans.

How much he has given the past I have no idea and really do not care. What does that have to do with him running for president this year?

Mark Cuban once said the reason you will never get qualified business people to run for president is because they do not want to be run through the mill by the media and everyone else who would vote against them.

Sadly, now that everyone sees Donald Trump as a real threat, and the probable Republican nominee, I expect to see more old time Republicans show up on Fox to take him down, and every liberal in the press and otherwise out to knock him off as well.

That is the sad state of American politics in a country that is $19 Trillion in debt and has a real unemployment and underemployment rate of closer to 30%-40% then under 10%.

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