The Real MLM Failure Rate

Statistics can be used to make the case for or against anything. It is all in how they are presented.

For example, the MLM failure rate has long been listed at 95%. If that was really the case then the MLM success rate would only be 5%.

Does that even make sense?

Let’s Get Real

MLM is a business model for getting a product out into the marketplace via direct sales. This is a multi billion dollar industry that is thriving right now thanks to the Internet.

How could an industry with a 95% failure rate survive and thrive?

The real MLM failure rate is not 95%! The real MLM success rate is much higher then 50%.


The direct sales industry reports that more then 50% of people in direct sales earn a profit after expenses.

Business For Home has a good article on the 95% MLM failure rate myth and how there are really people earning money in network marketing. There are some good statistics that refute the 95% MLM failure rate and offer hope for people who want to earn money if they work.

Jobs Fail Too

How many people do you think are not satisfied with the job they have. I have seen this presented at 90%.

Based on this jobs have a high failure rate as well, don’t they? The difference is when you are trading time for money you know what your paycheck will be.

In an MLM business you are not trading time for money. You are trading time with the hope you will build a business someday that earns you money.

You Gotta Work

The main problem I see with the MLM failure rate is the number of people who do not work. They do not get real customers buying their products and they do not recruit a sales team.

What do they do instead? They play the blame game.

I just did an article for my business partner David Grayson Jr. titled My Network Marketing Sponsor Sucks. This is easier then learning how to do MLM correctly and then actually working.

Why Even Join An MLM Company?

Let’s face it, most people do not have much invested in their MLM business at first. For $100 you can start many MLM businesses and that is not enough money to stop someone from quitting.

This is why I like “Big Ticket Opportunities”. David promotes TiDom which costs $2k and up to get started with. With this kind of investment you are more likely to spend some time learning the ropes and then really working your business.

This is not an MLM business, but rather a Top Tier direct sales business. The success rate is great and people really make meaningful in high ticket sales! Click here to learn more about TiDom.

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