These Online Marketing Statistics Say A Lot For 2016

I subscribe to Google alerts for Internet marketing updates.

These are great to get access to content relevant to what I write about without spending a lot of time scouring the Internet looking for new myself.

Let Google contact me by email 1 time a day 🙂

I got one today which had a link to an interesting blog post by Upendra Mishra titled: Online Marketing Numbers You Cannot Ignore

I found it to be a very interesting article.I want to dissect it a little bit and comment on what these numbers mean.

Content Marketing

It is the king of all marketing and should be the focus for 2016. This is not a surprise to me.

I am a freelance content writer in the home business and MLM niche. Lucky for me content is in demand!

However, businesses are using content marketing now more then ever. 88% of business to business, and 76% business to consumer businesses use content marketing.

This is according to the Content Marketing Institute. To be honest with you I am a content writer and had not heard of them. They have been around for 9 years and are a great resource for learning how to do content marketing.

Their getting started guide is a good place to go if you are new to content marketing and want to learn about it.

Check out their short video on the history of content marketing:

Email Marketing

Forbes says email marketing and your own website will always beat Facebook in getting new customers acquired.

Build your own brand first. Nothing wrong with bookmarking your blog posts in your social sites though!


Many businesses do not do paid advertising on Google or other search engines. 89% of people say they use a search engine for research and that influences their buying decision.

I call that a BIG clue. You need to be found on Google for the keywords people are searching for if you want a chance at their business.

For your business that would be keywords like “start a home business, home based business opportunity, make money online in MLM, network marketing business opportunities” and so on. This is where hiring a freelance writer that specializes in home business and MLM articles can really help you out.

Video Marketing

Here is the key to this in my mind. Use videos to compliment your blog. Post new videos on You Tube and then add to them your blog either in a new blog post or on your existing posts. As more people shift away from television to watching on their smartphones and tablets they are using You Tube as a search engine.

Will they find you? I can help you with getting some videos on You Tube and on your blog.

Would you like to talk about how I can write affordable articles for you blog?

Use the contact me page to email me and we can set up a time to talk via Skype or smart phone. If you would like a little information first on the quality and pricing for the articles I write go here: Order Blog Articles:

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