Warrior Forum Top Threads

I was looking at the Warrior Form for the top threads because those are the ones getting all of the action.

Often I will find one and write a specific article on it.

Today I am going to change it up.

Here are a few of the top threads in the Main Internet Marketing Discussion Forum that have had over 1000 views. I thought I would add a summary to each one, but if the thread catches your eye by all means go check it out.

Internet Marketing

 Help Needed To Start An Online Business – The writer is obviously too vague, but many people said you need to decide how you are going to make money such as affiliate marketing, network marketing, ebay etc. Develop a business plan and then start finding resources products etc.

 How Do You Get Traffic? – This is always a hot topic. Response included “buy it” with Google Adwords, Facebook Ads or Bing good sources for getting billed by the click. Wolfmmii said ” This is how I do it – and it’s quite easy… Choose niche Setup website Setup Facebook page Populate website and Facebook page Run continuous “Like” campaign ($5/day) Publish content on website and share on Facebook page This is a good blueprint to try.

How Can I Make Money Daily – To get some cash coming in join a get paid to program such as Cash Crate. For a long term approach set up an online business and work at building it.

 Have about $2.5k to spend on online marketing.. – This is a dangerous post to make unless you want all kinds of private messages from people promoting their program or product. If it was me I would bank the money and start hanging out on the WF until I find a business model that excites me. That is what I did back in 2002 when I started. I ended up getting into affiliate marketing and have never looked back.

Best Place To Buy Solo Ads? – Reed Floren’s Solo Ad Directory caught my here and was mentioned several times.

 I feel so depressed after this experience – Without even realizing it the person who started this thread wrote a compelling title that catches your eye. They have unrealistic expectations, but this is a good read.

All-In-One: Traffic Tips – This one is 2.5 years old and has 68,625 views. That speaks for itself.

How To Make $300 Per Month (story sharing) – Who doesn’t love a good success story! 🙂

Getting Sued For Photos On A Blog? – There is some good advice here. I use Pixabay and Dreamstime which are shared picture and graphics sites and don’t worry about it.

Forex Trading or Internet Marketing? – Which has the less chance of losing your money?

What it is the best webcam to use to make You Tube videos? – How about using your iPhone or joining Animoto? There are a lot of good suggestions beyond those.

Surprise! There are laws that apply to Internet Marketing – The FTC and various state commissions have laws that regulate what all small businesses can do including Internet marketing. Steve B. lists some of the main ones.

If you couldn’t get a job and had to start from 0 – I like threads like these, but you have to sort through the crap to find people who really know what they are talking about.

Social Media

Social media is one of the mos talked about topics and has it own forum. Here are some of the top social media threads.

Case Study : How I Built 10,000 Facebook Fans Within 1 Week – Over 18,000 visits in 2 months says a lot. I am on Verena’s mailing list and she offers great advice on many topics.

Which is the best social media ?? – Over 100 replies on what are the best social media sites to create an online presence. There are other mentions besides Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, and LinkedIn.

TweetAdder Alternative? – This is an old thread from 2013 that has been revived. FollowLikr looks promising.

How to get more Twitter Followers – Another 3 year old thread that nevers goes out of style. We all need more Twitter followers.

I could go on posting these forever because the Warrior Forum archives it’s threads.

Here is my point.

If you want to learn how to do Internet marketing hang out here. It’s free and you do not even have to get involved in the discussion.

Just read, learn, and apply what you learn. Soon you will be making money online!

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