What Are Themed Content Articles?

A theme is the main idea of the article. Themed content articles are articles that have a main idea and incorporate keywords for SEO into the article.

This is important to understand when writing articles if your goal is to rank for a primary keyword or keyword phrase. No longer do you want to write for keyword density.

Here’s why!

Keyword Density

Keyword density was kind of silly when you think about it anyway. Here is how we used to do it.

We would take a keyword or phrase and use it over and over in the article.

For example, if the keyword phrase was “home based business” without quotation marks, we would use that phrase 16 times if we were shooting to hit a 4% keyword density in a 400 word article.

Google liked that, and when combined with other factors such as page rank, and number and quality of backlinks, you could rank high on Google for the phrase.

As I look back on that now it is no wonder Google has changed to ranking more for a them then a specific keyword density.

How To Find The Best Words

Now we want to target a primary keyword, but also include variations of it as they sound natural in the body of the article.

Google tells us what the best words are this way.

Now you want to build an authority set of words and use all of them in your article.

Change the search settings from 10 results per page to 100. Go thru each page until you see the words “In order to show you the most relevant results, we have omitted some entries very similar to the 377 already displayed”.

Instead of getting 677 million results we have no limited it to 377. Google is telling us these pages have the best themed keywords on them.

You can rank for hundreds of keyword in one article if it is long enough, has a lot of the right words, and has some high quality backlinks to it.

I came across a really good article Keywords to Concepts: The Lazy Web Marketer’s Guide to Smart Keyword Research

In it Cyrus Shepard goes into detail on The SEO’s system for themed keyword research.

If I was you I would learn these basic concepts and focus lees on number of articles for your blog and more on themed content and ranking for many keywords in one article.

Chris Lee has a great blog and newsletter on making money with Adsense. If you want to read another really good article on ranking and SEO read: How to Create Content That Generates 100,000 Visitors Per Month From Search

Here Is My Take Away On Themed Content!

If you write longer articles of 1000, 2000. 3000 or more words you can rank for more words just because you are giving more of them to Google.

You can build an authority keyword list just from studying what Google likes based on the websites they are currently ranking.

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