What Defines A Product These Days

One definition of a “product” I found when researching for this article was “something made to be sold or used”. Those of us trying to make money online are interested in sales aspect of this definition.

There is a good thread at the Warrior Forum on this topic. A few key points stand out to me.

1. PDFs are products. Even a one page PDF can be sold if it provides value.

2. A product could be physical or digital. Software you download is an idea. Socks are another.

3. Bartering. This is one way to sell a product.

4. Videos. These are a big way something is delivered online today. A video can be a product as well.

5. Packaging products. This is a proven sales technique. It is a way to increase value.

I remember reading once that to earn money online you need to find something someone needs and sell it to them for a profit. Pretty simple if you keep it that way.

The guy selling hot dogs on a street corner is satisfying a hunger need. Someone who buys an ebook on how to stop sweating is a customer with a need.

The ebook writer solves that problem and earns money from it. In a previous post I discussed high ticket affiliate products. This is a way to earn bigger commissions online.

Affiliate marketing is one of the best ways to make money selling products for the average person like you or I. You can get free training on how to get started in affiliate marketing at Affiliorama. I am an affiliate member with them.

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