What Does An Affiliate Rep Do?

One of the benefits of joining an affiliate network is getting to work with your own affiliate rep. I have found this to be helpful for a number of reasons.

If you do Internet marketing for any period of time you will find it can be a lonely profession. Social media has helped a lot with that, but if you are an affiliate marketer it is nice to have your own contact for the products you are promoting.

The affiliate rep is that contact!

So, what do they do?

1. Sign up new affiliates. Many people join an affiliate program from a Google search for specific product they want to promote.

However it’s extremely competitive online today, and the affiliate rep is responsible for approving new affiliates, not just waiting for them to sign up with the network.

2. Create promotions for the affiliate products. The network may do this, but the affiliate rep can work directly with the affiliate to come up with promotions that makes sense for both of them.

3. Maintain ongoing relationships. Good affiliate reps are in constant contact with their most active affiliates. They also keep in touch on a regular basis with inactive affiliates trying to get them to become more active.

4. Search out new opportunities. This is really great for affiliates who are into niche marketing. You can work with your affiliate rep to find new products to promote within the niche you may not currently be in.

5. Provide motivation. An affiliate rep can kind of be like your coach.

They’re there to help keep you motivated when maybe you are a little down.

You don’t want to take advantage of them, but the good ones are willing to spend a little bit of time helping you stay motivated.

6. Help you track stats. One of the nice things about working with an affiliate network is the ability to track your advertising campaigns. Your affiliate rep can help you monitor the results so you can analyze them and make necessary adjustments to perform better.

7. It’s payday. If you have a problem with your paycheck contact your affiliate rep. If you’re doing a good job for the network they will jump right in and help you get this taken care of right away. They understand you have many affiliate networks to choose from and your primary reason for working with them is getting paid.

These are handful things an affiliate rep does. If you currently are not working with your own rep seek one out. This will really take a lot of the pressure off of you to do everything for your business and it’s nice to have a confidant working with you to make more money.

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