What Does Network Marketing Mean?

I have written in the past how the network marketing success rate is improving thanks to the Internet. However, it could be even better if people really understood what network marketing means.

Net – Use the Internet to promote.
Work – Effort to achieve a result.
Marketing – To effectively communicate or promote.

Network marketing is using the Internet to promote your products and business opportunity and putting in an effort to accomplish your goals. Often I think people forget the work part 🙂

Leads Are The Problem

Network marketing, also referred to as MLM, needs an mlm lead generation system. You need leads and a system for generating new ones and most people do not have the system, or they will not work the system they have.

Communication Is Another Problem

You can use the Internet for prospecting and sorting. Once you have a prospect you need to get on phone and talk to them. Think about yourself.

Wouldn’t you like to build a relationship with your sponsor before you join the business. I am talking about something beyond an email or Facebook post.

Network marketing is a business model in the direct sales industry. You need effective communication with your customers and distributors.

Pick Up The Phone Or Answer It

You need to call your prospects or answer the phone when they call you. MLM Recruit On Demand is a great MLM lead generation program.

For $15 you can get leads for a lifetime if you will just call them and use the MLM ROD system. For $97 a month they guarantee to get you 3-5 people a day calling you to talk about your business.

Their MLM ROD system has everything including training, simple 30 sec scripts, and income streams from your primary MLM business as well as from the MLM ROD system.

Click here to see how you can get MLM leads and use the MLM ROD system to sponsor and sell more with very little work, but some, on your part!

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