What Happened When You Started Blogging ?

Thinking about starting a blog?

It might be a good idea for you, or maybe you should not do it.

I saw this question asked in the main Warrior Forum….

“What happened when you started blogging?”

Interesting question and there has been some good discussion in the thread.

Some answers included….

– I improved my brand.

– I starting have more fun.

– As I added more content I started making more money with Adsense.

– I started promoting my blog more. ( I like this one!)

– I went back to update old posts and realized how much better my new articles were written.

– I started selling more.

– Your chances for free traffic from Google, Bing, and Yahoo increase.

– I start a blog and lose interest after a year. I then sell it and start a new one.

– I did not see any better results.

– I do not like to blog and only create static sites.

– I sell more affiliate products.

That is just a few of the results.

What did I say?

“I became a better writer”. It is kind of like shooting free throws or putting. Writing is a skill you can get better at if you do it more often.

Here is a key point on starting a blog.

Pick a niche you enjoy if you are going to be writing most of your own content. It is so much more fun and you will stick with it longer even if you are not making money right away.

Find a profitable niche if you are going to hire a freelance writer such as myself to write you content. If your goal is making money, and you are not doing the writing, having a passion for your niche is pointless.

Here is a good article on choosing a profitable niche.

I came across this video on starting a blog on Blogger that I like. My blog here is a Google blog and it has worked out good for me.

How To Start A Blog On Blogger.com For Beginners

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