What Is A Blog?

A blog has 2 meanings and can be used as a noun or as a verb.

– As a noun a blog is an updated website.

– As a verb to blog is to regularly update your website.

In the home business niche you need a blog for several reasons.

To Find Prospects

The biggest problem you face when you join a home business opportunity, that you are going to promote to make money, is finding new prospects to sell your opportunity to.

You will get a website from the home business opportunity, but it is the exact same website everyone else is getting. You can not add your personality to it because you are not in control of it.

Customize Your Blog

When you start a blog you can develop it the way you want. It is your blog and you can promote whatever you want on it.

You are not limited just to the business opportunity you have joined. As a matter of fact you will probably sell more then one thing on your blog in the future.

There are many ways to make money. Selling products and services, getting leads, and pay per click are 3 that fall in the affiliate marketing category.

If you are in an MLM you can sell your products and business opportunity on your blog. You customize it and build it the way you want.

Add Content

This is where I can help when you first start. I am a freelance blog writer and I can jump start your blog with articles and videos to get your blog off the ground.

I write content for home business blogs, mlm blogs, and other niche blogs so you do not have to. I also create videos for your blog and publish them on You Tube.

This combination of articles and videos is something you can learn how to do, but at first it is nice to have someone like me you can trust to get you high quality content at an affordable price.

In this case I am blogging for you in the verb sense of the word blog. Click here to learn more including pricing.

Build Credibility For Your Biz Opp

Your main goal with your blog is to establish yourself as someone who knows what they are talking about. This is important to understand.

Why would someone join a business opportunity with you?

If you do not know them they are surfing around the Internet and land on your blog. Now what?

You hope they stick around for awhile and read some of your articles. Eventually you hope they join your mailing list.

Prospect With Your Blog

Most people will not join your business opportunity on the first visit to your blog. You want to get their name and email address in your autoresponder.

By having your own blog you can build an email list to prospect for your business opportunity. The way to do this is to have high quality content that people find useful or helpful to them.

It is natural for them to join your mailing list at this point if you offer them something for free. Your freebie is designed to trade them something enticing in exchange for their name and email address.

This could be a video they can not watch anywhere else. It could be a free report that gives them a blueprint for making money online. It could be a free eBook, or access to a private making money club or membership.

You get the idea!

In summary a blog is an important business tool. You can write your own articles, and add your own videos, or you can hire someone like me to do it for you.

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